What is Niemann-Pick disease? About Niemann-Pick’s disease described in My Daughter

Niemann-Pick disease, an inherited disease, is a serious nervous system disorder. We have searched for you the unknowns about Niemann – Pick disease, which has become the most wanted disease with the TV series “My Daughter”. You can find everything about the disease that stops development and negatively affects memory in the details of the news. So what is Niemann-Pick disease? Here’s what you need to know about Niemann-Pick disease.

Niemann Pick’s disease, which has become one of the most sought-after diseases with the TV series My Daughter in the past years, occurs with a genetic disorder. This disease, which is types A, B, C and D, is seen as enlarged liver and spleen in infants. This type, called type A, also brings with it neurological problems. Type B, which is seen in adults, does not have neurological problems, but causes weight gain and bone problems. This disease, which negatively affects the metabolism, causes the nerve cells to be completely deformed. Heart diseases occur due to the constantly rising cholesterol level in the blood. It also reduces the number of cells that allow blood to clot. Symptoms of type C; It manifests itself with problems such as weakness in muscle tissue, nutrition and vision. Medication is used in the treatment of this type. Mutated genes are controlled by drug therapy.

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Niemann-pick disease, which is one of the rare hereditary diseases, adversely affects the spleen, liver, lung and bone marrow in the body. As we mentioned above, the disease is seen in 4 types. It is usually genetically common in Eastern and Central European people. However, the type C type of the disease is the most common. The disease, which causes the cells to mutate rapidly, has a one hundred percent chance of passing on to the baby, even if there is only one person from the couple. The disease, which is type A and D, cannot be cured. It is being investigated that the type B variety can be treated with bone marrow transplantation. Specialists often recommend a diet list to patients, since even the diet of people with the disease affects it.

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In the trailer released before the series started, it was seen that Öykü forgot his father and then remembered again. Almost everyone thought that the little girl was amnesiac, but Öykü’s disease is a hereditary disease. It is the Niemann Pick disease we mentioned above. When this disease is seen in children, it collapses the nervous system. In this progressive disease, the patient occasionally experiences neurological disturbances. For example, it causes a situation like the momentary forgetfulness that Öykü experiences.

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