What is nasal cancer (nasopharynx)? What are the symptoms of nasal cancer? Nasal cancer treatment.

Do you know what nasal cancer (nasopharynx) is, which is more likely to be seen in people who smoke and eat unhealthy? So what are the symptoms of nasal cancer? We have searched for you what you wonder about nasal cancer, which is becoming more and more common today. Nasal cancer, which is more common in men, reduces the quality of life of the person from the first symptoms.

Cancer occurs in this region as a result of the mutation of cells in the nasal passages due to unnatural nutrients and harmful substances in cigarettes. This cancer that occurs between the nose and throat is called the nasopharynx in medical language. This region, which is an important part of the respiratory system, is in the relationship between the ear, brain and nose. The inhaled air passes through this area and goes to the brain and lungs. In addition, functions in the formation of voice, the discharge of the ear and nose are formed in this region. This cancer, which is frequently seen in Asian countries around the world, is more common in men than women. Malnutrition, ready-to-eat food, not consuming enough fruit, and exposure to chemical substances originating from cigarettes trigger the emergence of cancer. The situation, which starts with chronic nasal diseases, paves the way for serious consequences that spread to respiration. Nasopharynx, also known as upper pharyngeal cancer, is more common in men than women. Nasal cancer, which is also seen in people with bad habits, has the possibility of suddenly spreading to the whole body.

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This rare type of cancer has become widespread in recent years, especially in Asian and Chinese countries. Research shows that cancer is caused by the effects of unhealthy diet rather than genetic effects. In addition, in cases such as chemical respiration and air pollution, it increases the likelihood of nasal cancer. Nasal cancer, which has the same characteristics as laryngeal cancer, overturns the entire functioning of the upper respiratory tract. The age of onset of cancer is usually after the age of 40. However, nasal cancer can sometimes be seen in adolescence. This is because there is a family history of cancer. “Ebstein Barr” virus is among the common conditions that cause nasal cancer. The virus settles in the area and causes tumor formation. The tumor that develops here impairs the functionality of the pharynx.


Persistent nasal congestion,

Bleeding as a result of damage to the vessels in the nose,

Disorder during speech and burning sensation in the vocal cords,

Visual disturbances due to not breathing comfortably,

Swelling on both sides of the neck

Disturbances in smell and taste,

Tingling that progresses from under the chin to the cheeks,

Frequent tinnitus,

Symptoms such as strong pulling on swallowing and snoring while sleeping are experienced.

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It is a good idea to consult a specialist as soon as the symptoms appear. An otolaryngologist usually checks for cancer with ultrasound and sampling tests. Nasal congestion also causes other diseases. Therefore, the spread of cancer is prevented with early intervention. Later, nasal cancer is treated with chemotherapy and drugs. Radiation therapy is the treatment method used in recent years. In this way, the tumor shrinks. A short chemotherapy is applied to prevent recurrence of the tumor, which is intervened without spreading to the sinus and nerves.

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