What is mythomaniac lying disease? What are the conditions that trigger Mitonami disease?

We have researched everything about the mitonami disease that President Erdoğan talked about in his speech. One of the most terrible psychological disorders is mythomania, that is, the disease of lying. These patients lie constantly to gain a place in society. So what is the mythomaniac lying disease? What are the conditions that trigger Mitonami disease? Here are their answers…

Mythomania, one of the common diseases of the modern age, occurs in people who need to lie out of nowhere. Over time, they make this a habit. The scariest part of the disease is that the patient believes all the lies he throws. After this disease, behavioral disorder occurs in the person. Most of these patients are not aware that they are sick, while the other majority do not accept that they are sick. Experts state that the most risky time for the disease is when patients try to commit suicide when they realize that there is no one who constantly lies and does not believe these lies anymore. Studies have shown that two out of four people worldwide have this disease. As in the basis of all psychological diseases, this disease occurs when suppressed emotions are triggered in childhood. As the person gets older, he tries to gain a place in the society with non-existent successes or events. In some studies, it has been revealed that the majority of this disease is caused by people from the business and political world, who are mentioned as white-collar.

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In childhood, people around him lie,

Childhood traumas embedded in the subconscious,

afraid of humiliation

Desire to be approved by someone,

Situations such as not believing his word when he tells the truth trigger the disease.


He insists on lying.

Even if his lie is exposed, he does not regret it.

Convincing himself of the lies he told

Constantly telling lies even though there is no return,

A person who has situations such as displaying harsh attitudes when his lie is revealed is a sick liar.

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First of all, it is necessary to admit that the patient with mythomania is sick rather than saying that he is a liar. It is very important to remain calm when convincing these people. The psychologist is a cliché, but begins treatment by listening to the patient’s childhood memories. During the treatment, the doctor also talks to the relatives of the patient. Because this disease, which tends to recur, can bring serious problems. Around the world, people with this disease are hospitalized because other psychological disorders are triggered.

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