What is my germ and how is it obtained? What are the benefits of my germ?

The germ, unknown to most, is found in the grain of wheat. Dough is made by obtaining special flour from this region, which is rich in vitamin E. In some regions, it is consumed by being brought to the consistency of fine wheat. Germ, which can be extracted only 1 kg from a ton of wheat, is a source of vitamin B complex. So what is my germ and how is it obtained? What are the benefits of my germ?

The germ obtained from wheat food, which is almost the same as the history of humanity, is also called wheat germ. Wheat, which is rich in carbohydrates, is necessary for body health. However, some people are allergic to the gluten substance it contains. Just like in wheat, experts warn that those with celiac disease should stay away, because of gluten, which is found in germ. Most people don’t know what my germ is. The germ, which is seen as an embryo in the top part of the wheat, has been consumed since ancient times. Now popular again, germ enables wheat to germinate and multiply. The germ, which should be collected under the right conditions, can be lost quickly in a wrong collection. This very small food contains a significant amount of protein and magnesium. Thanks to its satiating effect, some dietitians recommend it in single meal programs. Since it contains more fiber in wheat, it ensures a healthier functioning of the digestive system. In addition, germ containing unsaturated fatty acids reduces the cholesterol ratio and prevents the formation of heart and vascular diseases.

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– Rich in vitamins E and B, my germ provides incredible benefits for skin health. Germ, which supports the rapid regeneration of cells, delays aging. In addition, it also renews the cells in the organs with B vitamins and increases their functions. It prevents the cells from mutating, thus preventing the formation of tumors.

– It prevents fast hunger by balancing blood pressure and sugar. It prevents the person from overeating by preventing sudden attacks such as sweets, which are rich in folic acid.

– Since it is a strong source of carbohydrates, it increases the body’s energy rate. It makes you feel energetic all the time. Experts therefore emphasize that it is a nutrient that should be consumed before sports.

– Thanks to the rich minerals it contains, it prevents hair loss. It strengthens the nails as well as the hair roots. Prevents nail and hair loss.

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After being separated from wheat, it is generally ground like fine bulgur. Therefore, it is consumed by adding it to kefir, home yoghurt or fresh milk. It can also be consumed in the morning by cooking it into a porridge consistency. However, the most common form of bread is made. Some dietitian experts suggest that it can be added to bread or cookies prepared for dieters.

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