What is mutant virus? What are the symptoms of mutant virus? Does double mask prevent mutant virus?

While the coronavirus was expected to end, it was announced by the World Health Organization that the virus mutated and accelerated its spread. It turned out that the virus, called the mutant virus, which spread in the UK-contacted world, spread faster. The mutant virus, which started to be seen in our country, increased the number of cases and deaths. So what is a mutant virus? What are the symptoms of mutant virus? Does double mask prevent mutant virus?

A change in the genetic material of a virus is proof that it has mutated. While the genetic structure of the Kovid-19 virus, which emerged in China in December 2019, was expected to change and decrease in speed, the virus mutated in a year and became even more severe. The coronavirus, which started to spread rapidly around the world in March 2020, was found to mutate 2 months ago in England. However, it was said that the mutant state of the virus was severe and the rate of spread was high. Despite the rapid measures taken by the countries, the spreading virus was also seen in our country. According to the data announced by the Ministry of Health, it was reported that most of the cases in our country were mutant viruses.

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The Covid-19 virus is a type of RNA virus. The DNA sequence in this virus variety changes more rapidly. RNA is a nuclear acid. Acid can change rapidly under the influence of environmental factors. This can change the DNA structure. After this change, called mutation, mutant virus emerges. After the research by scientists in England, it was announced that the variant of the coronavirus, namely its mutation, is worrying. It was also reported in the studies that the effects of the mutant virus did not affect the vaccine studies. Because vaccine studies aim to increase the number of antibodies produced by the immune system against viruses. Since antibodies are the main enemy of all viruses, it was also stated that the effects of most of the vaccines made by scientists continue.

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Although a definite explanation was not made by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, the symptoms of the mutant virus were wondered by people. However, in the statements made, it was said that patients with mutant viruses do not have severe or different symptoms in our country, but they spread rapidly. The virus, which is seen with symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and body pain, is more severe in chronic patients. It has been proven by experience that the disease is milder after the symptoms that start with loss of smell and taste, but more severe in those who start with respiratory distress and high fever. That’s why the Ministry of Health reminded me again. He again underlined that the importance of hygiene, social distance and masks reduces the rate of spread.


When the importance of the mask was reminded once again with the mutant virus, some citizens began to think that the double mask was more protected. Experts warned about this issue. Relying on the double mask, it was reminded that hygiene or social distance should not be broken. Complete closure of the nose and mouth is effective. However, double masks carry a risk for people with chronic lung and heart conditions. It can cause shortness of breath as it restricts breathing into the mouth. It is useful to consult an expert on double masks.

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