What is musk grass? How to use musk grass? What are the benefits of musk grass?

Musk herb, which impresses people with its pleasant smell, is usually used by extracting essential oil. However, this herb, which has been used for centuries, is especially effective in calming the nerves. We have searched for you what you wonder about musk grass, which is also consumed as tea. Musk grass, rich in vitamin A, is a perennial herb. So what is musk grass? How to use musk grass? What are the benefits of musk grass?

IvMmr 1587394324 7595 Muskgrass, which originates in the Asian Continent, is included in the Artemisia vulgaris species in the scientific literature. It is known as musk grass in our country. But in other countries it is called by very different names. It is also called by names such as wormwood, quince, filişkin, carnation and hibiscus. The feature of being an annual plant is that this plant is not easily affected even in cold weather. At first, musk herb was used by extracting the essential oil in it, then its leaves were dried and tea was made. It is also added to salads and meals as a seasoning. It is traditionally used in goose or duck dishes, especially in European culture. Although it has a pleasant smell, it may taste bitter to some people when consumed. The musk root, whose leaves and flowers are used in all areas, is definitely not used. Muskgrass, which has a historical background, can also be grown in gardens or as an ornamental plant. It grows spontaneously under the forest and on the edges of the dermis. It blooms in April and May. As with any food or plant, muskgrass can also cause harm when consumed excessively.

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– Musk grass has been used since ancient times, mostly during ailments such as sleep disorders and nerve calming. Musk grass, which regenerates nerve cells, increases the concentration power of the brain. It reduces the risk of amnesia, which can be seen in advanced ages.

– It also provides benefits for digestive system diseases caused by irregular and unhealthy nutrition. Musk herb, which relieves the stomach by relieving indigestion in particular, increases the functionality of the intestines and relieves frequently experienced health problems such as gas compression.

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– It can be consumed as a natural pain reliever by reducing the intensity of pain and muscle contractions during menstrual periods. In addition, it removes menstruation and cleans the entire uterus.

– It removes the sputum caused by the upper respiratory tract diseases, which increase in seasonal transitions. It relieves dry cough in a short time. It is good for throat infections.

– Increases body resistance by strengthening the antibodies in the immune system. It also strengthens the bone and muscle structure. It prevents the body from accumulating toxins. It excretes all of it through urine.
Meanwhile, it prevents the formation of sand stones in the kidney and bladder.


Since it is a strong toxin remover, it is harmful to consume by pregnant and lactating women. It can cause headaches when used excessively. Those who are allergic to chamomile, primrose and similar plants should not use it. It can give the same allergenic effect. Also, those who are allergic to celery and carrot should not consume musk grass.

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