What is muscle pull? What are the causes and symptoms of muscle pull?

Muscle pulling, which is often seen during sports, is also an inconvenience seen in excessive housework or construction workers. Muscle pull, which is experienced by using the muscles more than necessary, is also called muscle pull. This discomfort, which is followed by regional swelling and pain, adversely affects the quality of life of the person. So what is Muscle Pull? Causes and symptoms of muscle pull…

The discomfort, which is called muscle in the scientific literature, but popularly called muscle pulling, is important for the movement of the human body. The muscular system is a system that is in motion in almost every part of the body. It maintains the hardness of the bones and allows the body to move more flexible. Various disorders are often seen in this vital system. One of them is the ailment that is called with names such as muscle withdrawal, damage or injury. Muscle withdrawal is usually seen as a result of reverse movements concentrated in the same area. This discomfort experienced by athletes can also be seen in whitewashers, housewives and construction workers. This discomfort, which is suddenly loaded on the body without warming up, causes swelling and pain. There is no loss of strength, but the use of limbs becomes more and more difficult. The damage seen in the nervous system along with the muscle makes movement difficult. It’s not just heavy lifting and wrong moves that cause muscle pull. It is present in many underlying conditions. One of them is vitamin deficiency. Anyone who does not have enough magnesium and calcium and has low immunity is also likely to be seen.

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– Lifting weights without softening the muscles by warming up while doing sports

– Weak body and vitamin deficiency

– Do not overextend the arms while painting

– Sudden sprinting without keeping pace in a long run

– Construction workers lifting and carrying pain materials, as well as using heavy machinery causes muscle contraction.

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Muscle withdrawal is usually not experienced during the event. Withdrawal is a discomfort that manifests itself the next day. Severe pain is experienced on the first day. The pain subsides for a day or two, but the hardening or swelling persists for other days. Continuing sports or work, especially while experiencing this situation, may cause the muscle to rupture. Some patients experience numbness after a while. Due to the numbness seen in the place where the pain passes, the person has difficulty in using their limbs. In this case, you should definitely see a specialist.

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Experts recommend applying cold compresses on the first day of pain. This pulling helps stabilize the damaged muscles throughout the healing process and reduce pain. Immediately after this, a hot bath should be taken, and the areas where muscle withdrawal occurs with soap and fiber during the hot bath are relieved by rubbing. In order to prevent swelling or hardening, it is useful to keep the area where the pulling is high. When referring to a specialist, muscle relaxant pills or creams are usually recommended. At the same time, several physical movements are shown. In the meantime, it is beneficial for the person to stay away from weight and sudden movements. Movement without complete recovery may cause the muscles to rupture.

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Strengthening the muscular system is the first condition. Therefore, calcium, protein and plenty of magnesium supplements should be made. Gentle warm-up movements should be done without tiring the body. Often, oil or cream containing mint or lavender should be applied to relax the body. Sudden movements should be avoided during sports. Cleaners should ask for help without lifting heavy loads. Even without pain or pulling, cold or hot compresses should be applied to the muscles from time to time.

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