What is mullet fish? What are the benefits of mullet fish?

Red mullet, popularly known as red mullet, has incredible benefits for human health. This fish variety, whose color is almost the same as that of kidney beans, is preferred to be consumed especially in the autumn seasons. Thanks to its oil rate and the vitamins and minerals it contains, red mullet can be easily consumed by everyone. What is mullet fish? What are the benefits of mullet fish?

Red mullet fish, which attracts attention with its color and structure, is of medium size. Belonging to the Mullidae family, this fish species is referred to as red kidney bean because it resembles one of the legumes, kidney beans. It has pink, orange and white colors that are flattened from the sides. It is confused with the Tabby Fish in appearance, but there are very clear differences between them. This type of fish with low fat content is beneficial in terms of omega-3 intake in summer. Red mullet fish with four different varieties; It is rich in magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc. Experts recommend red mullet to get the necessary vitamins and minerals. It also has names such as Kepez kidney bean, bush red kidney bean and sultan red kidney bean. The reason for this is that each region has a unique name.

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It occurs at depths of up to 300 meters in warm and muddy seas. Although the color of the fish, which is 40 cm long, is orange and red, its filters are yellow. It reproduces at the bottom of the sea at a temperature of 24 degrees. Red mullet, which lives with reptiles, is also an indispensable food source for wild species in the sea. This fish species, which is found on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, is therefore among the indispensable dishes of these regions. It can be consumed from July to October. It is fried, grilled and the most famous is Kağıt kebab.


  • Red mullet fish, which is rich in vitamin A, has a positive effect on eye health. In studies, it has been determined that a person who eats red mullet fish has a reduced eye problem. At the same time, it prevents the occurrence of health problems that are likely to be seen in older ages.
  • It is rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs, especially potassium, which strengthens cells. Red mullet, which strengthens the functioning of organs in all systems, reduces the risk of psychological disorders by renewing the nervous system.
  • It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which also contributes to brain health. It prevents the memory or memory from experiencing diseases such as forgetfulness, especially by increasing the concentration.
  • In another study, it was determined that red kidney bean, which is rich in selenium, prevents the processes that pave the way for cancer diseases.
  • It provides a detox effect to the poisons or toxins accumulated in our body due to other nutrients and causes them to be excreted. Some experts think it can be especially beneficial in reducing the damage caused by smoking.
  • Red mullet fish, which is recommended to be consumed by pregnant women, contributes positively to the development of the baby’s brain and retina. This supports the development of an intelligent child from infancy.
  • It is a food that can be easily consumed by people who want to diet but also have high energy.

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