What is Mediterranean anemia (Thalassemia)? What are the symptoms of Mediterranean anemia? Mediterranean anemia treatment

Mediterranean anemia, a disease passed down from generation to generation due to genetic factors, is a serious health problem. Mediterranean anemia, which is one of the most common diseases in the world, we have searched for you. So what is Mediterranean anemia (Thalassemia)? What are the symptoms of Mediterranean anemia? Is there a cure for Mediterranean anemia?

The hemoglobin substance in the blood carries the oxygen entering the body to the organs. It contains iron. Since the body does not produce iron on its own, it needs additional supplementation. However, decreased iron for certain reasons causes thalassemia. Thalassemia occurs when the iron in its structure in the hemoglobin structure is not synthesized, as a result of which the values ​​decrease. It was first discovered by Thomas Cooley in 1925, when he diagnosed it in children he treated. Deficiency in hemoglobin in children adversely affects their development. Since the disease is seen in Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Greece, it is called Mediterranean anemia. It is also seen in Turkey, which is considered a Mediterranean country. The inability of hemoglobin to synthesize iron is a genetic disease. Treatment of Mediterranean anemia, an inherited blood disease, is very costly. According to the researches, this disease has been seen in approximately 250 million people in the world. In our country, approximately 1 million people are carriers and 4000 people are thalassemia patients. At least one child born to surrogate parents becomes fully ill. Early diagnosis is important in this disease. Especially the surrogate parents should notify the doctor about this.

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The most severe form of the disease is major. thalassemia major , is due to the presence of 2 defective hemoglobin substances. It causes diseases such as spleen enlargement, jaundice and growth retardation. In this disease, the person must receive additional supplemental blood throughout his life. The definitive treatment today is done with a bone marrow transplant.

The type that causes moderate anemia thalassemia intermedia is. It occurs in a child from two surrogate mothers. Symptoms occur at 3 years of age. Its severity increases during infectious diseases such as the upper respiratory tract.

thalassemia minor are called carriers. Thanks to strong genes, anemia is not seen, but when you marry another carrier, it is seen in one of your children. People experience mild fatigue.

thalassemia minima are called fully carriers. It’s like minor, but it doesn’t have any intimidating effects.

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Abdominal swelling occurs due to an enlarged spleen or a malfunction of the liver.

Blood tests always show low values.

There is severe pain in the bones and muscles.

Constant feeling of tiredness and weakness increases.

Facial bones become prominent.

There is a disorder in the menstrual cycle that women experience monthly.

In general, irregular development appears in bones and muscles.

It manifests itself with symptoms such as pale skin color.

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Pregnancy periods of women who are carriers or who are completely sick are checked step by step. That’s why blood tests are done before marriage in our country. There is treatment for incompatible blood. However, the children of people who are not aware of the match experience serious diseases. That’s why blood testing is very important. In addition, experts recommend that even healthy people learn their values ​​by taking a blood test every 3 months. People who experience symptoms at the same time apply to a specialist. From the results of the symptoms, the doctor usually does a blood test and looks at the blood count and hemoglobin values. Blood transfusions are given to people with high levels of the disease. The spleen is taken to prevent damage to the body. Medication is administered to prevent damage to the liver. A marrow transplant is usually performed for patients with advanced anemia. Because more advanced disease can lead to blood cancer. Additional supplements are provided for patients with mild anemia.

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