What is lutein? What foods is lutein found in? What are the benefits of lutein?

Do you know what the lutein substance, which is mostly found in yellow and orange vegetables, does? We have added everything you wonder about lutein, which is abundant in supplementary foods, especially beneficial for eye health, to the detail of the news for you. So what is lutein? What foods is lutein found in? What are the benefits of lutein? The answers to all these questions…

Lutein, a yellow-colored organic substance found in plants, is found in the roots of foods such as carrots, peas, and black cabbage. It absorbs the beneficial blue light from the sun. Antioxidant lutein is used as an antioxidant. It exists in the form of fatty acids and covalent bonds. When the substance, which is intended to give color to foods, enters the human body, it supports the strengthening of the yellow spot in the eye. This substance, which is also found in the human body, allows us to see the environment in color. However, it causes a decrease in age and some complications in the body. This causes loss of eye health, especially vision. In fact, studies have shown that there is a link between lutein and eye color. In order to avoid lutein deficiency, experts warn that at least one of the foods containing lutein should be added to the daily diet. This substance is produced as an additional supplement and is also sold in pharmacies. Since it has a strong antioxidant feature, daily consumption of 0.25 milligrams is considered appropriate.

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Corn, which is rich in pulp and fiber, has a lot of lutein in its root. In addition, experts usually recommend consuming boiled corn, which is rich in vitamin B complex. The vitamins and minerals in the carrot, which is exposed to high heat and trans fat, lose their effect.

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Carrots are the richest food in terms of lutein. In addition, carrots contain beta-carotene and vitamin C. That’s why experts recommend adding carrots to daily consumption. Especially when two snacks are consumed as a snack, the necessary lutein substance is taken.

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Almost no one knows the facts about the yolk. Studies have shown that egg yolk contains substances that positively affect human health. Lutein is among them. That’s why experts warn against fully cooking both hard-boiled and fried eggs. Otherwise, the egg loses this feature.

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There is also lutein in pumpkin, which is usually used for dessert making. It is suitable for consumption as it is low in calories. It can be consumed abundantly in winter.

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Although it is not yellow or orange, spinach also has lutein. As you know, spinach is a food rich in iron and should be consumed by all age groups. Ideal for blood, eye, bone and muscle health, spinach contains iron, potassium and calcium.

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It is a powerful antioxidant. It increases the functionality of proteins that carry calcium to the bone in the body. It is also one of the rare green vegetables rich in lutein.

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It reduces vision loss by increasing the vitamin and mineral value of the yellow spot in the eye. It prevents eye diseases.

Lutein, a powerful antioxidant, removes free radicals in the body. It strengthens immunity. It increases the body’s resistance against diseases.

It prevents cardiovascular diseases. It lowers cholesterol level.

It renews the structure of the cells in the skin. It prevents them from being mutated and keeps them young and alive.

In a study, lutein should be taken as an additional supplement to prevent cataract disease, which is frequently seen in older ages.

Enzymes beneficially to the sun’s rays coming into the body.

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