What is lip fungus? Is lip fungus contagious? How is lip fungus transmitted?

Lip cracking, which is one of the most common diseases during seasonal changes, can be a serious problem under long-term cracking. Long-term wounds and itching are rarely seen, but they are the harbinger of lip fungus. What is lip fungus? Is lip fungus contagious? How is lip fungus transmitted?

There are many forms of lip fungus, which usually occurs after aphthae, herpes and lip diseases. This disease, which does not cause pain, may cause visual disturbances. It can even pass with natural methods when intervened early. However, it causes serious problems when ignored. It is not a common disease. However, due to its spreading speed and the deforming effect it will leave, rapid intervention is required.


It can be seen due to unhygienic life as well as excessive hygiene. Frequently washed face disrupts the pH value. This makes the area vulnerable. The rapidly cracking dermis layer becomes susceptible to virus and infection. Fungal infection, which is easily caught in public areas such as baths, pools and gyms, takes place here. The proliferating fungus settles on the weak skin on the lips, causing itching and bleeding.

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Collective areas allow this disease to spread rapidly. The virus grows and increases faster than it comes into contact with air. Therefore, hands and face should be disinfected frequently. Since infection viruses multiply more easily in people with weak immunity, these people are in the risk group for catching lip fungus.


The calendula (orange daffodil) cure suggested by Professor İbrahim Saraçoğlu about general mushrooms provides one-to-one benefits for lip fungus. The mixture prepared with calendula, which has an anti-bacterial effect, is good for both mouth sores and lip fungus.


Put 1 sweet dried calendula leaf in 1 glass of boiling water and wait 10 minutes by closing the lid. Then strain it and after it cools, apply it to your lips with the help of a cotton swab. For mouth sores, gargle.

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