What is leprosy? What are the symptoms of leprosy? Is it contagious?

Do you know what leprosy is caused by a virus called leprosy? We have searched for you about the leprosy disease, which causes damage in many areas from the nervous system to the immune system and the skin. Leprosy, which causes limb loss, is a very dangerous disease. So what is leprosy? What are the symptoms of leprosy? Is it contagious? The answers to all these questions are in the details of the news.

In 1873, the cause of leprosy was found by the Norwegian scientist Gerhard Armauer Hansen. Tuberculosis occurs when leprosy, a type of virus that causes the disease, settles in nerve cells, immunity and skin cells. This virus, which is in the nature of the human body, actually becomes deformed and can cause serious damage. The virus, which was examined in the microscopic environment, was not encountered in any living thing other than humans. The disease, which was considered as the disease of the sluggish in ancient times, is contagious. People with leprosy were excluded from the public. The reason is that it is contagious. However, it has not been determined for what reasons it is transmitted from person to person. Studies have shown that it is passed from a mother with leprosy to her baby through milk. The incubation period of the virus is 70 days. Today, it is very easy to detect and treat compared to previous years. As in any disease, early diagnosis is important in this disease. The advanced dimension of the disease is death. However, even the stage reduces a person’s quality of life. It causes limb loss. It invites brain diseases as well as bones and muscles.

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Lepramatous Type Leprosy

It is the most severe type. Too many viruses show activity. It causes serious damage to the nose, palate, eyelids, vocal cords and fingers. It also causes liver failure. It is the most difficult disease to treat.


This type collapses the nervous system. It causes facial paralysis. It causes the appearance of clawed hands. It restricts motor movements by neutralizing the muscles. Since the nerves do not work completely, the pain threshold of the person is also eliminated. So it doesn’t feel emotion.


It is the middle of the first two types of leprosy. Whichever direction the symptoms go, the disease is shaped accordingly.


It appears as a blemish on the skin. It brings mental disorder as well as emotional disorder.

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– Destroys nerve cells.

– It collapses the structure of the nose inward.

– Wounds occur in thin tissues.

– Muscle weakness, loss of feeling in the arms and legs.

– Deficiency occurs in various parts of the body.

– There is a tonal difference in skin color.

– Kidney failure

– Brain damage (forgetfulness)

– It manifests itself with symptoms such as collapse in the fingers of the hand.

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Symptoms do not appear immediately in the patient. Studies have revealed that some patients may begin to appear after 20 years. According to the data announced by the World Health Organization, 16 million people have been treated for leprosy in the last twenty years. Treatment varies according to the type of disease. Usually, patients are given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Treatments continue for more than two years. Patients have to use medication even after treatment. However, since there is no treatment for the collapsed nervous system, there is no treatment applied.

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