What is Legionnaires’ disease? Are there symptoms and treatment for Legionnaires’ disease?

After the coronavirus epidemic, experts made serious warnings, especially for those working in areas such as air-conditioned indoors. Legionnaires’ virus, which increases in the wet environment, also lives in areas such as air conditioners and shower heads. If these moments are not cleaned, the virus paves the way for serious health problems. It manifests itself with symptoms such as joint pain and dry cough. So what is Legionnaires’ disease? Here is the answer:

Legionella pneumophila bacteria multiply in environments such as streams, rivers, lakes, saunas, steam rooms, Turkish baths, jacuzzis, fountain pools, air conditioners and shower heads. Almost every day, many people are exposed to this bacterium, but people with weakened immune systems also settle in the lungs. The disease is named Legionnaires’ disease when it was first seen in the community of legionnaires, that is, Roman soldiers, in Italy in 1976. People with weak immunity are caught faster. The virus, which multiplies in wet areas, settles in the throat in the sinus tracts and then into the lungs. It is confused with pneumonia because it affects the lung functions negatively. Experts talked about the danger of catching such viruses while escaping from the coronavirus during the pandemic process. With the increase in such cases, working indoors and using air conditioners, experts have warned. Underlining that air conditioners should be cleaned frequently, experts stated that other serious viruses were neglected after the coronavirus. It was reminded that the risk rate of the Legionnaires’ virus, which is dangerous for smokers and those with an unhealthy diet, is high in July and August.

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Legionnaires’ disease manifests itself with symptoms such as high fever, weakness, joint pain, dry cough, headache and shortness of breath. Early diagnosis is of great importance in Legionnaires’ disease, as it is in every disease. Otherwise, this disease, which is not diagnosed early, can even lead to death.

The early diagnosed disease depends on the stage of the legionella bacteria in the body. Antibiotic treatment is applied to the bacteria in the first stage. However, if the disease is in the middle or final stage, the patient is treated in the intensive care unit to control it.

In order not to be exposed to this bacteria; air conditioners, shower heads, fountain nozzles, sinks and pools should be cleaned constantly.

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– Hospital staff

– People who have been treated for cancer for a long time

– Those receiving cortisone therapy

– Organ transplant patients

– Those with persistent allergies

– Asthma and COPD patients

– Elderly and children

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As in every risky infectious disease, antibiotic treatment is started in Legionnaires’ disease. However, plenty of water is consumed in this process. Water is the most natural treatment to prevent viruses from sticking to the lungs or throat. Such infections cannot be treated naturally at home, so a specialist must be consulted. It is beneficial to stop the disease by professional means before it causes different health problems due to high fever. In addition, body aches due to high fever are relieved.

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