What is leaky gut syndrome? What are the symptoms of Leaky Bowel Syndrome?

Leaky gut is another name for leaky gut syndrome, which is one of the digestive problems. Rarely and secretly progressing leaky gut syndrome reduces the quality of life of the person. As it progresses, it brings with it more serious health problems. This health problem of Neslihan Atagül was very curious. So what is leaky gut syndrome? What are the symptoms of Leaky Bowel Syndrome?

Permeable gut, which is referred to as leaky gut in the scientific literature, is popularly referred to as leaky gut syndrome. It is diagnosed late because it occurs due to various reasons. Today, it is still not considered a disease that is recognized immediately on its own. Irritable bowel syndrome, which has come to the fore again with the life of actress Neslihan Atagül and is a matter of curiosity, reduces the quality of life. The intestinal flora in the intestines is very important for digestion. However, aspirin used, excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as incorrect medications and nutrition reduce the number of its flora. It damages the protective barriers of the intestines. There are two types of intestines, thin and thick. The small intestines, in particular, allow nutrients to leak into the bloodstream. When these barriers are damaged, excessive infiltration occurs. Toxins and nutrients that should not pass into the blood are spread throughout the body due to this leakage. This is also called leaky gut syndrome. This damage to the intestines, which is accepted as the second brain of the body in the scientific world, causes various health problems.
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– Excessive swelling in the abdomen and accompanying constipation are the most common problems.

– Food allergy develops rapidly.

– Toxins and bacteria in the blood circulation adversely affect the functioning of the thyroid glands.

– Digestive problems such as colitis, ulcerative and crohn’s, which cause diarrhea and reduce the body’s fluid ratio, are experienced.

– Increased risk of irritable bowel syndrome, which is known as irritable bowel syndrome and causes excessive weight loss.

– Such problems in the intestines, which are a part of the immune system and defense mechanism, lead to a weakening of the immune system.

– An unbalanced distribution of vitamins and minerals occurs in the body.

– Problems such as excessive weight and cramps are experienced.

– It varies from person to person. Excessive weight loss or gain may occur.

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Fermented foods are the foods that provide the fastest healing of the intestines. The first of these is milk. It increases the probiotics that balance the fluid ratio in the intestine. This helps to restore the balance of the flora. Another probiotic-containing food is pickles. The pickles, which are produced by fermenting vegetables with vinegar, salt and garlic, preserve the structure of the intestines. In addition, bone broth, which allows the cells to heal quickly and strengthens the wall structure of the organs, also benefits the leaky gut syndrome. It is almost a natural medicine that helps in removing the damage thanks to the collagen it contains. Experts also say that thanks to the fatty acids contained in coconut, the intestines are repaired quickly. In addition, fish containing omega-3 fatty acids and lamb and beef, which are anti-inflammatory foods that fight inflammation, also reduce the severity of the syndrome.

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