What is kidney enlargement (Hydronephrosis)? What causes kidney enlargement? Kidney enlargement symptoms

Kidney enlargement, which is one of the rare diseases, can lead to serious different health problems if not diagnosed early. When this disorder, which impairs the functionality of the kidneys, sometimes occurs unilaterally, its diagnosis is rather delayed. So what is Kidney enlargement (Hydronephrosis)? What causes kidney enlargement? Kidney enlargement symptoms

Kidney enlargement, the scientific name of which is hydronephrosis, is one of the rarely seen serious diseases. Kidneys are one of the indispensable organs of the human body. Experts recommend that everyone consume an average of 2.5 liters of water per day for the healthy functioning of the kidneys. This, in particular, ensures the opening of the kidney channels. As the water ratio increases, its functionality becomes stronger. For a healthy body, urine accumulates due to various reasons that occur in the kidneys, whose functionality should be healthy. The ducts are blocked by the accumulation of urine in the kidney bladder. This impairs the functionality of the kidney system. This can also occur as a result of the stones in the kidneys or stones blocking the channels. Urine flowing in the opposite direction accumulates in the kidney, causing enlargement. In addition, when sadness and stress are added, the kidney nerves are seriously damaged. It is not a serious disease. However, it is a disease that needs to be diagnosed early. Otherwise, the dirty fluid that the body needs to expel again accumulates inside, easily paving the way for infectious diseases. It is seen in almost all ages and genders. Rarely, it can occur even in the womb.


– Severe pains in the space between the back and kidney

– Smelly and small amount of urine

– Increase in temperature, ie fever, with increasing infection in the body

– Constant need to drink water

– An irritable and stressed mood

– Gradually decreasing weight

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Cherry stalk, which has a strong anti-infective effect, is the most effective natural food. Cherry stalk also prevents stone formation and accumulation. In addition, corn silk tea also increases the functionality of the kidneys. It opens channels. It inhibits infected cells. Rosemary and ginger are among these beneficial foods.

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As with any disease, some tests are required for diagnosis in kidney enlargement. The most important of these is the urine test. Increased amount of crystals and stones in the urine test may indicate a functional disorder in the kidneys. In addition, urography, MRI, ultrasound and cystoscopy tests can also be performed. With early treatment, clogged channels are opened immediately. However, water consumption should increase. However, in a late diagnosis, serious problems occur that cannot be treated.

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