What is jack fruit fruit? What are the benefits of jack fruit? How to eat jack fruit?

The jack fruit, which has the title of the largest fruit growing on the tree, is about 25 cm. The jack fruit, weighing up to 35 kilos, has a taste similar to pineapple. Jack fruit, which is grown in Southeast Asian countries, is exported to the world from here. Jack fruit, which contains flavonoid pigments, is rich in vitamin C. What are the benefits of jack fruit?

The name of the jack fruit, which belongs to the mulberry family, is referred to as artocarpus heterophylls in the scientific literature. It is the largest fruit in the world that grows on trees in low altitude areas. It is grown in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. However, it is sold all over the world in the Malay Peninsula. It tastes like banana and pineapple. The seeds that come out when cut are consumed by boiling like potatoes. It is a very fleshy and oily fruit. Jack fruit, which is the most interesting among tropical fruits, is also used in the field of health. However, experts warn about its consumption. Because the jack fruit fruit is quite oily. This can adversely affect bodily functions.

It is a powerful antioxidant because it contains high amounts of vitamin C.

In alternative medicine, a medicine is prepared by mixing it with coconut oil for ulcer patients.


Since it contains powerful antioxidants, it easily removes toxic cells in the body. It also prevents cells from mutating. Thus, it prevents the formation of cancerous diseases. It strengthens the immune system. It increases the body’s resistance.

Jack fruit, which is also rich in vitamin A, increases the functionality of the eyes. It prevents diseases. It is one of the effective foods in preventing cataract disease, which is one of the diseases of advanced age.

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It is recommended to be consumed by pregnant women and children of developmental age, as it contributes to bone and muscle development. However, the portion should be decided by an expert.

Jack fruit, which is rich in fiber, increases the functions of the intestines. It prevents constipation. Ideal for those who want to lose weight. However, because it is consumed in excess, it causes diarrhea and lubrication. 75 grams per day is enough.

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The jack fruit fruit, which is also effective in cleaning the mouth, also prevents the cells here from mutating due to other nutrients. It regulates the functions of the salivary glands.

It is very rich in vitamin B complex, which is rarely found in fruits. This group of vitamins provides rapid regeneration of cells in all organs in the body. It also increases functionality over time. Thus, it also has positive contributions to skin health.

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Folis is the richest food in terms of acid after spinach. Folic acid increases the number of blood cells. It prevents the occurrence of anemia. It prevents the occurrence of mental illnesses by protecting nerve cells. It reduces the risk of depression, which is especially prevalent today.

Jack fruit, which is rich in potassium, which keeps the heart rate, pressure and cells under control, also balances the body fluid.

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It is the raw material of Curry dish, which is widely made in Asian countries. It’s a spicy dish. It is made from the potato-like seeds that come out of Jack Fruitin.

Its seeds can be consumed both boiled and fried.

It is used in making ice cream and cream.

It is added to both spicy dishes and desserts.

It can be preserved for 60 weeks by being canned.

The milk-like substance extracted from the tree where Jack Fruitin grows is used to cure snake bites.

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