What is immuno-oncological therapy in cancer treatment?

Immuno means immune system. In this sense, immuno-oncological treatments aim to increase the awareness of T lymphocytes in our immune system to cancer cells, to ensure their recognition and destruction.

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Immuno-oncology; It is considered as a “big breakthrough” in the fight against cancer and has the potential to radically change the fight against many types of cancer.

Differences between healthy cells and cancer cells:

  • Healthy cells in your body; grows, develops, fulfills its duties in a controlled manner.
  • Cancer cells; grows uncontrollably, has variations in shape and size, does not have a regular appearance, can spread to different textures.

Immunotherapy and its types

1. Vaccines:
Vaccinating a person with their own tumor cells or antigens is a new development in cancer immunotherapy. Cancer vaccines are of two types: preventive vaccines and treatment vaccines.

2. Allergy treatments
Immunotherapy is the only form of medical treatment that can treat allergies. 3 It is applied in two ways as subcutaneous injection immunotherapy or oral immunotherapy under the tongue.

3. Immuno-Oncology
Immuno-Oncology; It is one of the types of immunotherapy, specifically aimed at fighting cancer. Immuno-oncology is different from other cancer treatment approaches in the fight against cancer.

Treatment approaches for cancer

  • Surgical therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Target-directed therapy
  • Immunotherapy

Cancer types in which immuno-Oncology is effective and ongoing studies

Each cancer type has its own characteristics. Immuno-oncology; He has studies on many cancer types including melanoma, lung cancer, kidney cancer, lymph cancer, head and neck cancer, multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, blood cancer (leukemia), triple negative breast cancer and bowel cancer.

Immuno-Oncology journey

Immuno-Oncology journey is a decision you will make together with your physician. The general steps in this journey are as follows
1. Considering Immuno-Oncology as a treatment option.
2. To be an active stakeholder in Immuno-Oncology.
3. Keeping track of your health.

Immuno-oncology effects

According to the information we received from the website of İçdeogucvar.com,

  • Immuno-Oncological treatments increase the awareness of T lymphocytes in our immune system to cancer cells, It enables the recognition and destruction of cancer cells.
  • Representing a revolutionary advance in medicine, Immuno-Oncology is also considered a new cornerstone of cancer treatment.
  • Cancer research and clinical studies continue to increase the survival time of patients in Immuno-Oncology.
  • Immuno-Oncology makes a significant positive contribution in terms of enabling patients to continue their daily lives and work.
  • According to evidence from clinical studies, the effects of Immuno-Oncology on cancer cells can persist for a long time on the immune system and even after treatment has been discontinued.

All information has been taken from the address iseogucvar.com.

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