What is hypothermia (freezing to death)? What are the symptoms of hypothermia?

While the cold air wave coming from Siberia had its effect all over our country, the snowfall that started in the form of a blizzard and the accompanying negligence left most of the citizens in a difficult situation. Experts warned citizens who had to walk in the cold. Despite the possibility of hypothermia, experts recommended that medical teams be notified immediately in case of some symptoms. What is hypothermia (freezing to death)?

The temperature of a healthy body should be 37 degrees. If it drops below 35 degrees, hypothermia begins to show itself. The body has the ability to transfer the rate of heat to its environment. As the heat transfer increases, the temperature of the body decreases and the ambient temperature increases, which causes a sudden change in body temperature. The blood circulation thus becomes unbalanced. In the unbalanced blood circulation, the brain is primarily affected. The brain experiences loss of consciousness with bad signals. However, the heartbeat still continues. As the temperature becomes unbalanced, the probability of healthy functioning of the organs decreases. When the body temperature starts to fall below 35 and 32 degrees, the heartbeat stops and death occurs. This discomfort is usually caused by the sudden drop in air temperature on high altitude hills. As the patient tries to warm up, he is unaware that his heat is transferred to the environment, so his death occurs faster.

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the hands and feet of someone who is in the cold first get cold


First of all, hands and feet, which are the weakest link in the body, start to get cold. The skin color on the hands and feet gradually turns red.

The general skin color becomes pale.

As the body loses heat, the nervous system sends signals that cause the body to tremble uncontrollably.

The brain cannot functionally control motor movements. This leads to slow speech.

There is throttling due to infection of the vocal cords.

There is a decrease in body resistance.

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Have someone cold drink something warm instead of hot.


First of all, calling the health team would be the most beneficial move. Apart from that, the items on it should be removed and dry clothes or blankets should be covered, if any. It is useful for these moments to have an aluminum foil cover for first aid in almost every vehicle. Because this cover traps the body heat of the person inside. Drinking something hot is definitely harmful. Instead, it would be more beneficial to consume something warm. However, the most beneficial thing is dark chocolate. A piece of dark chocolate stimulates blood flow.

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