What is homocysteine? How does homocysteine ​​increase? Ways to lower homocysteine

Although homocysteine, one of the amino acid substances produced by the body itself, is beneficial for the heart and blood vessels, it paves the way for serious diseases when it is high. We can also obtain homocysteine ​​from fish, eggs and meat products. So how does homocysteine ​​increase? Ways to lower homocysteine

Homocysteine, which is one of the substances whose measure is not paid much attention in the world, is the amino acid substance produced by the body. It is found in the blood. In this way, it spreads throughout the body and affects the functioning of organs. Homocysteine, which is one of the substances necessary for the body, rises for some reasons. Since it is a heavy substance, it causes accumulation in certain areas as its height increases. It also causes an increase in bad cholesterol. This can cause vascular occlusion over time. It also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. In a careful blood test, homocysteine ​​was found to be high in 2 out of every four people. Many diseases were treated late, as this substance was not given much importance in the researches. Therefore, it is beneficial for the patient to be conscious.

In the values ​​made;

Low homocysteine ​​elevation:15-30 Mmol/L

Intermediate height :30-100 Mmol/L

High level of homocysteine, which is the most severe and predisposes to serious diseases:100 Mmol

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– Consumption of cigarettes that increase the level of nicotine while circulating in the body

Hormonal disorders caused by thyroid gland dysfunction, as well as hormonal disorders caused by uterine cysts seen in some women

– Imbalance in blood sugar level

– Increased edema due to the level of inflammation in the blood

– Body inactivity and low water consumption

– Side effects of some drugs

– Slowing down of body complications as age progresses

– Not taking enough B-complex substances

– Consuming too much tea and coffee during the day causes a secret increase in homocysteine.

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– Whiteness or jaundice in the skin color

– Constant feeling of weakness as well as severe body aches

– Pain in the hands, legs and arms, along with a tingling sensation

Frequent herpes-like sores in and around the mouth

– Weakness in bone and muscle structure

– Increase in hearing problems

– Experiencing high blood pressure as it negatively affects blood levels

– Persistent migraine-like headaches

– Sudden changes in mental state are accompanied by conditions such as wear and tear in the nervous system.


If there is no height due to genetic factors, homocysteine ​​can be easily lowered. The easiest way to reduce homocysteine ​​is to change the eating habits. Experts underline that the accumulation of homocysteine ​​in the body will be reduced, especially by eating protein-based diets. Since its enzyme will be fast, the substance gets into the cells without accumulating. In addition, olive oil and walnuts contribute to the enzymization in terms of omega-3 fatty acids they contain. Therefore, olive oil should be preferred more than sunflower oil in meals. Lean red meat should be consumed once a week. In addition, smoking, coffee and tea consumption should be reduced. Instead, the water should be increased to a maximum of 3 liters to ensure blood flow.

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