What is Hantavirus in China? What are the symptoms of hantavirus? How is hantavirus transmitted?

In a news published today, it was stated that a person in China caught hantavirus and died. After the news, the cumbersome virus was searched. This virus is actually found in mice. This virus, especially found in mouse feces, can result in death as it infects humans in various ways. So what is Hantavirus in China? What are the symptoms of hantavirus? How is hantavirus transmitted? Here are the answers to the questions:

Belonging to the RNA group, hantavirus is normally found in rodents. However, it does not cause diseases. It is transmitted to humans when these rodents bite humans or make their droppings in places where humans have food. Hantavirus, which is a different virus for the human body, naturally causes diseases. The virus got this name because it was first seen near the Hantaan river in South Korea. The hantavirus, which causes a bleeding process, ends the functionality of the kidneys. The rare hantavirus has resurfaced recently. It is a virus that infects people as a result of the bite of ticks, similar to the virus that originated in China and caused the death of a person. This situation, which is often caused by ticks in our country, develops more severely in Far East countries. Because even with the same genetic structures, hantavirus is more severe. While the hantavirus in the Far East countries progresses with hemorrhagic fever, the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome type seen in the Americas settles in the lungs and causes direct deaths. The hantavirus variety in America is thought to be transmitted by mice and deer.

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This virus, which usually attaches to the veins, causes damage. It has been seen as a hemorrhagic disease because it increases the permeability of the vessels. The transfer of pressure in the blood to the organs invites various diseases as a result of the cells in the organ passing into the blood. In this process, the lung collects edema and loses its functionality. High blood pressure occurs later. Kidneys fail because they can’t get enough fluid. In order not to be affected by all these negative situations, the brain goes into shock by creating a protection shield. This causes the blood to flow slowly to the heart. All these are the active period of the virus in the body. In the first process; fatigue, pain and fever are seen in areas such as hips, back, shoulders. Symptoms such as dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting continue. The last and most serious finding is bleeding in the urine.

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Mice and other rodents are carriers of hantavirus. This virus is released in the urine or feces of animals. It is transmitted to the human body, especially when the food of people living in rural areas is outside or when the food in the fields is consumed without adequate washing. Another situation is mixed with the blood with the bite of these rodents. In researches, it is thought that it is passed from person to person by breathing. Another claim is that animals such as chickens, cows and lambs may have been transmitted to humans through contact with these rodents. The virus may experience an incubation period for 1 month in the human body and show symptoms such as chronic disease. Symptoms occur gradually over an average of 2 weeks.

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It is one of the diseases for which there is no cure. Efforts are made to improve the functions of the infected patient. Usually with fluid support, blood pressure and oxygen for the body are balanced. The virus is prevented from staying inside. Antiviral drugs also reduce the symptoms and reduce the risk of death. Scientists are still researching drugs for the virus.


– Washing the whole body with vinegar water

– Disinfecting all the food collected from the field in vinegar and warm water for half an hour

– The places where rodents are found should be cleaned with bleach

– The dead of mice and other rodents should be taken with masks and gloves or buried in the ground by pouring lime on them.

– Continuous washing of kitchen utensils

– It should be ensured that rodents do not enter the house.

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