What is Hambeles (Murt)? Hambeles (Murt) benefits! How to consume Murt

We have searched for you about the murt fruit, which we see in the market almost every autumn and winter, but most people do not know exactly what it is. The fruit, also known as myrtle fruit or scientifically hambeles, actually has incredible benefits for human health. It benefits the stomach and metabolism. So what are the benefits of Hambeles (Murt)? Everything about hambeles in the details of the news:

This fruit, which grows spontaneously on the roadsides in mountainous areas in Çukurova climate in Turkey, is called murt or hambeles. Since it is mostly grown in Mersin, it is also called Mersin fruit in some regions. Murt fruit, which grows easily in the Mediterranean climate, also grows easily in the Marmara and Aegean Regions. This fruit, whose content consists of seeds such as figs, is consumed when it is yellow and brown in color. This fruit, which has a sour taste when it is yellow in color, has a very sweet taste when it is brown. It is used as herbal medicine in some regions. This fruit, which is used in every field from skin care to cleaning the newborn baby, has countless benefits. It is often seen on market stalls in the fall and winter.

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When Hambeles is mixed with basil and olive oil and applied to the face, it deeply cleans the deformed areas of the skin. In addition, it prevents the formation of acne and pimples and supports the skin to look brighter and more vibrant.

Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it ensures that the infected cells are easily destroyed. In some regions, newborn babies are washed for 7 days with the water of hambelesin, which is kept in water for a day with basil.

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To clear the phlegm in the throat, the juice of hambeles leaf and grape juice can be mixed and consumed. At the same time, this mixture is good for mouth and stomach wounds.

This fruit can be boiled and consumed in case of increasing cold in winter days. Hambeles fruit, which strengthens immunity, increases the body’s resistance against infected cells.

Hambeles contains essential oil, citric acid and natural sugar. It is a fruit that can be easily consumed even by diabetics as it does not adversely affect blood sugar. In addition, the hambeles plant, which protects intestinal health, reduces the risk of catching ailments such as constipation and diarrhea.

Hambeles fruit, which is also rich in vitamin A, is also good for eye fatigue disease. It has a positive effect on eye health, especially against vision problems, which are common in older ages.

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Boil 250 grams of hambeles leaves. Drink it straight. You can consume it especially during stomach and intestinal pain.

Blend 200 grams of 6 leaves of basil and 2 spoons of olive oil from the Hambeles fruit in a blender. Use as a mask once a week.

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Since it has a sour taste, it leaves a different taste on the palate. As in every food, measure is very important in the consumption of murt fruit. It can be inconvenient for people who are allergic to anything. In addition, those with serious chronic diseases should consult their experts before consuming. It can cause severe itching of the tongue and throat.

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