What is Graves’ (toxic goiter)? What are the symptoms of Graves’ (toxic goiter)? Is there a treatment?

Graves’ disease, known as toxic goiter, adversely affects the body. Rarely, poisonous goiter progresses with nodules under the throat. Toxic goiter, which disrupts hormones, is below the level of cancer. It is noticed late as it progresses without pain. Therefore, any swelling felt in the throat should be consulted to a doctor immediately. What is Graves’ (toxic goiter)? What are the symptoms of Graves’ (toxic goiter)? Treatment

Toxic goiter seen in almost every age group or in the language of science graves known as. In Graves’ disease, the immune system perceives thyroid cells as harmful and produces immunoglobulins against them. These cells attack the thyroid cells, and the thyroid secretes too much during this time. The factors that cause this situation are; severe mental depression, accidents and side effects of some drugs. Symptoms of the disease;

  • The sweat rate in the body increases.
  • It causes wrinkling of the skin and prominence of the eyes.
  • Swelling occurs in the throat.
  • Hands tremble and fingernails open.
  • The eyes are constantly itchy and watery.
  • Diarrhea is common.
  • He is constantly tired and sleepy.
  • In addition to muscle weakness, the desire to eat irregularly develops.


Specialists first look at the age of the patient, his weight and the degree of the disease. Then, the treatment process begins according to these situations. First, it is tried to stop the excessive increase in thyroid hormones. With the use of radioactive iodine, the number of increased thyroid hormones is reduced. Some of the thyroid glands are surgically removed.

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prof. Dr. Cure recipe for poisonous goiter from İbrahim Saracoğlu

1 heaping teaspoon of Yoghurt herb is brewed with a glass of boiling water for 3 minutes. Then, yoghurt herb tea should be drunk in the morning and evening for the first week, and by reducing the day to one day starting from the second week. In addition, dill should be consumed regularly once a week.

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