What is good for rheumatism, flaxseed heals!

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Rheumatic disease, which is common in our country, affects the quality of life of many people negatively. Rheumatism, together with the disorders in the immune system, causes the limitation of activities in the joints. You can apply to natural foods to reduce the effects of rheumatism, which recurs more frequently in rainy weather. It is possible to relieve your pain by taking advantage of the right foods for rheumatism disease. Here are those foods that are good for rheumatism!


Indispensable for breakfast, egg is important in joint and tissue development thanks to the sulfur and B vitamins it contains. Sulfur is a necessary substance for the development of bone and muscle tissue. It is a food that should be consumed with caution, as it raises the cholesterol rate.


Flaxseed, which is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, is perfect for rheumatism. In addition, there is a substance similar to the nutritional fiber in it. This substance is effective in reducing joint pain. It is important for your health to consult a doctor without using flaxseed for those who use regular medication.

The fish

The omega 3 and omega fatty acid contents of fish grown in cold water (salmon, tuna, etc.) have a healing effect in inflammatory conditions. Consuming more than one fish per week helps relieve joint pain.

Pomegranate juice

Some scientific studies have shown that pomegranate juice reduces joint swelling and pain. Although there is no definite information on this subject, the opinion that it has an effect on rheumatic pains is quite high.

Blackcurrant – borage

Omega 6 fatty acids found in seeds are high in both these foods. This fatty acid called gammalinolenic acid is a good anti-inflammatory. In addition, currants and evening primrose are in this food group. In addition to this beneficial content, it can damage the liver when overloaded. It should be used in consultation with a specialist.

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