What is good for mental health, take advantage of the therapeutic power of music!

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The spiritual effects of the coronavirus are as important as the physical effects on our body. In such a period, what you need to do to dispel the negativities in your mood and to feel good is actually quite simple. The most important step to take in the quarantine process is to create a routine. The good things you can do for yourself and others will also help you get through this process right. As Elmaelma.com, we have listed the suggestions that will make you feel better during the quarantine process!

Here are activities that will make you feel better:

– Do not skip the exercise, try to do it regularly

– Smile often.

– Cook, try new recipes.

– Always focus on the positive, the positive.

– Watch funny or romantic movies.

– Try yoga and meditation.

– Remember your good memories, talk about it with your family members.

– Organize a video work or chat session with your friends and family.

– Listen to lots of music, create new playlist.

– If you have children, produce new games and play together.

– Call your family and friends regularly.

– If you have a garden, deal with the soil, otherwise, grow plants in pots.

– Search for online courses, there are many online opportunities that offer free courses.

– Organize your daily household activities.

– Create a corner you like at home, read books regularly.

– Sing.

– Clean your house, balcony/storage and car.

– Redecorate a room in your home.

– Paint your walls or an old item.

– Completely rearrange your closet, separate and sift your excess clothes.

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