What is good for dry eyes, don’t watch TV for a long time!

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One of the most common problems brought by modern life is dry eyes. Many factors can cause dry eye, which can occur in all seasons. Conditions such as air conditioner, fan, looking at the screen for a long time cause dry eyes. Those with dry eye complaints should consult a specialist as soon as possible. Here are all the curiosities about dry eye…

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a common condition that occurs when tears fail to provide the necessary hydration to the eyes. Tears can be insufficient to moisten the eyes for many reasons. Chronic dry eye often occurs when not enough tears are produced. This may be because the tears evaporate too quickly. There is also the possibility of inflammation in or around the eye. Temporary dry eye usually occurs due to environmental factors. Skin diseases and allergic conditions in the eye glands and around the eyes can all cause chronic dry eyes.

dry eye symptoms

Dry eye symptoms are similar in most people. It usually affects both eyes. The most common dry eye symptoms are:

a stinging, burning or itchy feeling in the eyes,
Fibrous mucus buildup in or around the eyes
Sensitivity to sunlight or other lights
The eyes are mostly red or occasionally red,
The feeling that there is a substance in the eyes.

What causes dry eyes?

Aging is a factor that can cause dry eye due to the decrease in the amount and quality of tears produced. In addition, the side effects of some drugs lead to dry eyes. Wearing contact lenses for too long can also cause dry eyes. Some allergies and medical conditions also cause dry eyes. However, the most basic cause of dry eyes is a lack of tears.

dry eye treatment

Avoid using air conditioners and fans in summer

Dry eye is very common due to today’s lifestyle. Avoiding air currents caused by air conditioners and fans, especially in summer, prevents eye dryness. Again, using sunglasses in the summer is an effective way to prevent this. In winter, unnatural heating methods in homes cause the air to dry out. Therefore, the eyes dry more. In order to prevent this, the air of the house should be humidified with special devices or water should be placed on the heater cores that will evaporate and humidify the air.

Using a computer and watching TV for a long time can dry out the eyes.

Frequent reading, computer use and long-term TV viewing are among the factors that tire the eyes and cause dryness. While these activities continue, taking a break and resting the eyes for a few minutes prevents dry eyes. Apart from this, the doctor may recommend an antibiotic-containing drop or oral antibiotic for eyelid inflammation underlying the dry eye. Antibiotic treatment is also applied for dry eye caused by corneal inflammation.

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