What is golden berry? What are the benefits of golden strawberry? How to consume golden berries?

Golden strawberry, which has the richest fiber content in the world, also contains all of the B vitamin complex. A powerful antioxidant, golden berries purify the body from toxins. We have researched for you those who are curious about the golden strawberry grown in South African countries. So what is Golden Strawberry? What are the benefits of golden strawberry? How to consume golden berries? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news:

It is called six strawberries because it looks like the yellow of a strawberry. The golden strawberry, whose scientific name is “Physalis peruviana”, is also known as the Inca plum. Although its homeland is known as America, it actually spread to the world from South African countries. Nowadays, countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru cultivate and sell it. In fact, this food, which is used for weight loss, has also been used in alternative medicine since ancient times. Since it is rich in B complex, it provides the energy that the body needs during the day. In our country, its cultivation has increased in Mediterranean cities for the last five years. The fruit, which has a yellow color, consists of dotted seeds, just like a strawberry. It requires a lot of water during the growing period. Surrounded by leaves, the fruit is protected from insects. It grows more easily in barren soils. It has more health benefits when consumed fresh. However, in recent years, it has been dried and sold.

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Since it has a sweet taste, it is often used in the pastry industry. You can also make jam. Golden strawberry, which has become an ideal food for those who want to lose weight thanks to its high fiber content, is dried and consumed with yogurt. The aroma or extract is also used by cosmetic companies. Research is still being done on golden berries. In recent years, it is obtained from its dried or leaves in tea. Since it contains carotene, it prevents cells from mutating.

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The digestive system needs fibrous foods to work healthier. These nutrients not only increase the functionality of the organs in the digestive system, but also protect the structure of the cells here. In this way, it prevents the body from binding fat. For this reason, experts emphasize that foods rich in fiber should be consumed during the day. Golden strawberry is an effective food to meet this feature. It is among the most fiber-rich foods in the world. It also prevents the formation of diseases such as colon cancer or intestinal knotting.

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A brisk life during the day mostly affects blood pressure negatively. When blood pressure drops, the body feels unhealthy and tired. If this is not treated on time, it leads to both physiological and psychological diseases. However, thanks to the B complex in the golden strawberry content, it both balances blood pressure and eliminates the conditions that will pave the way for such diseases. In some studies, it has been determined that golden strawberries are also beneficial for diabetes.

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Having strong antioxidant content, golden strawberry regenerates cells and thus prevents aging. In addition, it prevents the formation of cancerous cells. It removes free radical cells from the body, which can cause any deformation, especially in the reproductive organs. The golden strawberry, which is rich in minerals and vitamins, easily meets the daily needs of the body. Thanks to this feature, it prevents diseases of advanced age. It contributes to bone development.

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Urinary tract infection, which is more common in women than in men, is caused by suddenly increasing fungi and viruses in the body. In addition to adversely affecting health, it also reduces the quality of life. Golden strawberry is almost a natural remedy for this disease. It helps in removing acid and viruses in the body. It cleans the urinary tract. In this way, it prevents the formation of stones and sand in the kidneys.


Although it is beneficial for those with high blood pressure as it lowers blood pressure, it is inconvenient for those with low blood pressure. Since it has blood thinning properties, people who consume such drugs should not consume it. It can cause diarrhea when consumed excessively.

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