What is Geven Grass? What are the benefits of Geven grass? How to use Geven grass?

Marshmallow, one of the most used herbs in alternative medicine, is popularly referred to as the elixir of youth. Geven herb consumed as tea is also made into a cream. In recent years, research has been carried out that it is effective in the treatment of cancer. So what is Geven grass? What are the benefits of Geven grass? How to use Geven grass?

Geven grass (Astragalus) is one of the important herbs used in alternative medicine. This plant, whose homeland is Asian countries, belongs to the legume family. It is a plant belonging to the stratum Faboideae. It is one of two wreathed plants. It is used as an aid in fighting many diseases in traditional medicine. The most common feature of Geven grass is that it prevents aging. The plant, which is used for various purposes, ensures that the cells in the body are healthy and long-lasting. It is also used as a raw material for many beauty products. Geven grass, which has 2000 different species, is beneficial than the other. Many studies have been done on Geven grass, which is among herbaceous plants. It has been determined that especially Geven is used in the treatment of immune system and cancerous diseases. It has a sweet taste. Its fruits are called badiç. It is a herbaceous plant that can live in very hot and very cold environments. It usually has white, purple and blue flowers.



It has the feature of reducing edema and inflammatory cells in the body.

It strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s resistance against cancer cells.

It slows the growth of tumors that may occur in the person’s body.

It reduces the symptoms of patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Geven grass, which renews and protects blood cells, also protects heart and vascular health.

Geven herb, which has antioxidant properties, renews skin cells that are prone to aging. Thanks to this feature, it is also used in the treatment of skin diseases.

In addition to its ability to renew cells, it has a healing effect on damaged cells.

Since it has a strong antioxidant property, it reduces the number of free radical cells in the body.

– Studies have shown that it destroys viruses or reduces their effects.

– Experts recommend it to men with weak sperm.

– Increases the number of stem cells by strengthening the cells in the marrow.

– It prevents the body from getting sick easily.

– It helps to increase the number of white cells in the blood.

– It is effective for those who want to heal diseases such as anemia naturally.

– Since it renews the cells, it especially reduces the effect of aging. That’s why people call it the elixir of youth.

– It is used as a raw material in the production of cosmetic products because it can renew the skin tissue rapidly.


Geven grass can be consumed in two ways. The leaves can be dried and consumed as a tea, as well as freshly crushed and turned into a cream. In the vast majority of the pharmaceutical industry, fenugreek is taken fresh and separated into its molecules. At the same time, cosmetics factories also prefer the fresh version of the jam. Those who want to make cream of marshmallow naturally can obtain a pinch of fresh geven by crushing it in a mortar and adding honey to it. This creamy flax herb, which is obtained by mixing, ensures rapid healing of wounds, especially. As for tea; Throw half a teaspoon of dried fenugreek into a boiling intestine of hot water. After waiting for 5 minutes to infuse, strain and drink. However, only the root part of the marshmallow tea should be used.

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People who take high blood pressure medication should definitely not consume marshmallow. Because the herb shows the same effect as the medicine, which causes a reaction. When consumed in excess, it accelerates blood flow. This leads to rhythm heart failure. Those who are pregnant and have chronic diseases should first consult their specialists.

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