What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, which is one of the most performed surgeries in the world, is considered among obesity surgeries.

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In gastric sleeve surgery, 80-85 percent of the stomach of the patients is removed. Accordingly, a stomach volume of approximately 100-150 ml remains after the operation in patients. In this way, patients eat less food. On the other hand, with the removal of the stomach, the release of the hormone called ghrelin is also reduced. Thanks to less release of the hunger hormone, patients who are fed less have less hunger and begin to feel full more quickly. The fact that the patient copes with the feeling of hunger less than before also has a positive effect on the weight loss process.

One of the experts of UZMANTV The rate of weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is correct

For more detailed information on the subject, Prof. Dr. You can watch Halil Coşkun’s videos on Weight Loss with Obesity Surgery.

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