What is frozen shoulder syndrome? What are the symptoms of frozen shoulder syndrome?

Famous actress Aslıhan Gürbüz applied to the doctor because of the shoulder pain she experienced while she was playing in the TV series Small Murders. Stating that his shoulder has been hurting abnormally for 5 days, Gürbüz was shocked when he learned of the disease he was caught. Gurbuz, who had frozen shoulder syndrome, which causes limitation of movement, could not go to the set for days. So what is frozen shoulder syndrome? What are the symptoms of frozen shoulder syndrome? You can find everything about frozen shoulder syndrome in the details of the news.

In the skeletal structure, the spine and shoulders allow the body to stand upright. When the shoulders, which affect all movements, are damaged for various reasons, it causes serious diseases. The shoulder joint is the basic movement stone of our body. It suffers a lot of damage due to the many movements we make on a daily basis. Frozen shoulder syndrome, which is more common especially in women, is also experienced after this destruction. Last year, the famous actress Aslıhan Gürbüz learned that she had applied to the doctor with a complaint of shoulder pain and had a condition called frozen shoulder syndrome. As a matter of fact, frozen shoulder syndrome, which most of us experience but not aware of, is a disease that negatively affects the quality of life when it progresses. When the pain increases in intensity, movement restriction is experienced. The underlying causes of frozen shoulder syndrome are that the joints and muscles in the shoulder are damaged and this occurs years later. Apart from this, it paves the way for frozen shoulder syndrome in cases such as high bad cholesterol, vascular occlusion, thyroid problems, neck disorders and excessive stress negatively affecting the nerves in the goose tissues.

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The most common cause is trauma to the shoulder years ago. In other words, serious damage to the shoulder bone after events such as falls, fractures and impacts and the failure to heal this damage with adequate treatment causes the syndrome.

Due to calcium deficiency, increasing calcification in the bones in the body is also experienced in the shoulder.

One of the chronic diseases, especially diabetes, causing damage to the muscles causes frozen shoulder syndrome. In addition, hormonal disorders and high body fat index also invites the disease.

Frozen shoulder syndrome can also be seen after an operation on the neck or shoulder in previous years. The reason for this is that the person does not apply enough physical therapy after surgery.

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Waking up with shoulder and neck pain during sleep

Shoulder pain that will negatively affect daily activities

Low motor skills as a result of limitation in shoulder movement

It manifests itself with symptoms such as unexplained and persistent pain in the shoulder, even while sitting, lying down and walking.


It is useful to see a specialist after the symptoms experienced. Otherwise, as age progresses, the treatment of frozen shoulder syndrome becomes more difficult. In order to avoid this situation, patients should definitely consult a specialist. First of all, the treatment applied to the patient is a conservative method to open the muscles and move the shoulder more easily. In this method, pain relievers and edema reducing drugs, shoulder joint injections and physical therapy are applied at the same time. The progression of the disease is stopped by unbalanced movements of the patient. Swelling and pain are reduced with cortisone injections. The most important treatment method for frozen shoulder is physical. In physical therapy, the shoulder is prevented from remaining stable. However, this process is done under expert control. According to the movement of the person, the condition of the muscles and nerves is observed. If not treated on time, the shoulder may become unusable.

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