What is flesh-eating bacteria? What are the symptoms and is there a cure?

Although flesh-eating bacteria is a rare disease, it causes the death of 30 percent of people who get this infection. So, what is flesh-eating bacteria and how does it infect our bodies? We searched for the answers to these questions for you. You can find everything about the symptoms of this fatal disease and how it should be protected in the details of the news.

The flesh-eating bacterium is called necrotizing fasciitis in the scientific literature. It has an effect that can destroy the tissues covering the skin and muscle surface in a short time. Although it is rarely seen, it causes very serious health problems. Usually, 1 out of every 4 people who get this bacterium dies. Although it is not known for sure, health organizations emphasize that this bacteria can appear after eating raw or undercooked seafood. In addition, this bacteria can be transmitted to the body when an open wound comes into contact with fresh or salt water.

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Those who constantly open to the sea or the ocean,

Places where seafood is consumed abundantly,

Where meat is not well cooked

people with weak immunity,

Patients with chronic disease,

Those with open wounds

viral infection patients,

People who have come out of surgery are at risk of contracting flesh-eating bacteria.

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SYMPTOMS OF MEAT Eating Bacteria?

Bacteria shows its effect within 24 hours after infecting the body. If 30 hours pass, its severity increases. It manifests itself with symptoms such as redness, bruising, swollen areas, 5 times higher body temperature, chills, nausea, green vomiting and diarrhea. The infection spreads quite quickly throughout the body. This causes the patient to go into shock. Death due to organ failure may occur.

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HOW TO TREAT MEAT Eating Bacteria?

Early diagnosis is very important in flesh-eating bacteria disease. The earlier the treatment is started, the lower the mortality rate. Since it is contagious, the patient is taken to the intensive care unit and the antibiotic treatment process is started. Surgery and h hyperbaric oxygen therapy It is applied when the infection causes serious problems in the body. However, there is no definitive treatment method for this disease. In the researches, it has been suggested by experts that garlic and onion can be used as a natural method for this disease.

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