What is ferritin deficiency? What are the symptoms of ferritin deficiency? What foods contain ferritin?

Do you know what the ferritin substance in muscle, spleen and liver does? Ferritin, whose level is low in the tests, is actually a serious health problem related to iron deficiency. So what is ferritin deficiency? What are the symptoms of ferritin deficiency? What foods contain ferritin? We have compiled for you those who are curious about ferritin, which causes anemia when it is extremely low. In the details of the news, you can find the ones that are curious about ferritin.

Almost everyone knows as iron deficiency, which is the basis of anemia. However, many conditions can cause anemia. One of them is ferritin deficiency. Ferritin deficiency is usually revealed in blood tests. This deficiency, which occurs as a result of the analysis, causes serious health problems in the person. Therefore, it is recommended that patients state that they want to learn about this result in blood tests. Deficiency can be corrected by consuming certain foods. In addition, deficiency occurs more in men than in women. Iron deficiency is more common in women than men. Ferritin deficiency prevents the person from doing their daily activities. In particular, it weakens the muscles and reduces their motor abilities. You may also experience fatigue similar to chronic fatigue. Ferritin deficiency is experienced in parallel with the level of deterioration of iron absorption. When it is rapidly absorbed without mixing with the blood and excreted from the body, it provides ferritin deficiency as well as iron deficiency. The lack of iron or ferritin in the daily diet also causes deficiency. Chronic diseases and their medicines invite this serious health problem.

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– It causes serious loss and pain in muscles and bones.

– Constant itching and sudden redness on the body

– Numbness and coldness in the fingertips

– Unexplained hair loss or wear

– Increased fatigue and irritability due to the weakness of nerve cells

– Ear pain and ringing

– Quick breakage and white lines on nails

– Involuntary urge to eat soil and lime

– It manifests itself with symptoms such as forgetfulness or lack of concentration.

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Some iron medications are recommended for ferritin deficiency detected as a result of blood tests. It can also be given in some drugs that are supported to mix iron absorption into the blood. The doctor first determines what caused the deficiency and then shapes the treatment accordingly. Since the high amount of ferritin can cause health problems, additional supplementation is not recommended before the level is detected in the blood test.

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dead nettle

Stinging nettle, which is high in iron, is also good for ferritin deficiency. That’s why experts recommend stinging nettle for patients with ferritin deficiency. In addition, stinging nettle increases the number of blood cells in the blood and ensures the correct absorption of the iron taken.


Having a strong energy and natural sugar, honey supports the proliferation of ferritin, the protein substance in the body. However, experts do not naively recommend excessive consumption of honey.

Lean Meat

Meat, which is rich in protein and calcium, is one of the indispensable nutrients for body health. Meat also increases ferritin and reduces the symptoms it causes. It provides incredible benefits for muscles and bones.


Ferritin deficiency mostly damages the muscle and bone system. It causes severe pain. Milk and dairy products are among the foods that are ideal to prevent this situation.


As ferritin decreases, it also causes damage to the spleen and liver. In addition, the deficiency of ferritin impairs its function in iron absorption. In this regard, thyme is a preventative natural remedy. It accelerates its functionality, especially by cleaning the toxins in the liver.

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