What is eye migraine? What are the types and symptoms of eye migraine? How do eye migraines go?

Ocular migraine, one of the migraine types, has become more common in recent days with the increasing use of computers. Ocular migraine, which is actually a rare disorder, is usually experienced unilaterally. We have searched for you who are curious about this disease, which reduces the visual quality of the eyes with increasing pain in the eyelid. What is eye migraine? What are the symptoms of eye migraine? How do eye migraines go?

Ocular migraine is one of the types of migraine that occurs when the nervous system is damaged and reduces the quality of life. This disorder usually occurs after the hormonal disorder experienced in women as of adolescence. The condition called throbbing, which is experienced due to the blood flow in the enlarged veins, also collapses the body’s autonomic system. However, even the digestive system is gradually damaged. Since migraine normally occurs in the temple, it affects the eyes quickly. Therefore, in some, migraine causes damage to the eyes in the head area. Eye migraine, which causes eye sensitivity, is usually experienced on one side. There is no such disease as eye migraine in the scientific literature. However, it is called eye migraine because it is concentrated in that area. Edema occurs with the swelling of the veins and the increase in the rate of inflammation after the disorder in the nervous system. This causes heavy burdens over time. Optic nerve disorders and eye pressure adversely affect eye migraine.

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– Women experience temporary eye migraine due to their sensitivity during their menstrual periods, starting from puberty. In addition, it is usually seen in men when they are outside the age of twenty. It is so painful that it is difficult to even open the eyelids. Nausea and headache are also experienced.

– In seasonal changes, ocular migraine is seen together with a unilateral cluster headache due to the decrease of the immune system. Pain in the temples and eyes is followed by redness and tearing. Then there is a runny or stuffy nose.

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– Eye migraine is also experienced with chronic migraine attacks. It is severe enough to even cause the person to be hospitalized.

– Migraine with aura that causes vision loss in the eye. It takes about 15-20 minutes for the lights to come out of shape and the blurring experienced during vision. In this case, sometimes there is no headache, but light sensitivity in the eye can invite different eye diseases.


If it is severe, you should definitely see a doctor.

– Cold water bag

– Dark and quiet environment

– Avoid looking at computer, television and mobile phone screens for a few days

– Peppermint oil and lemon should be squeezed onto a towel and placed on the eye.

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– Lying down with an extremely cold ice pack on the back of the neck

– Massaging the soles of the feet and the inside of the hands to accelerate blood flow

– Drinking chamomile, jasmine, mint, fennel or sage reduces the severity.

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