What is dysentery disease? What are the symptoms of dysentery? Is there a cure for dysentery?

Dysentery, one of the most common infectious diseases, can have very serious consequences, especially in children. Dysentery is a digestive system disease seen in people of all ages. We have researched for you those who are curious about the types of dysentery. So what is dysentery disease? What are the symptoms of dysentery? Is there a cure for dysentery? The answers to all these questions are in the details of the news…

The digestive discomfort caused by the virus found in dirty water and poorly washed food is called dysentery. It occurs with symptoms that negatively affect the quality of life of the person due to the deformation in the large intestine. When it is seen in children and babies, it should be intervened early, otherwise it can lead to fatal results. Colloquially, dysentery is called bloody diarrhea. It can be easily transmitted from person to person in public settings. It negatively affects the immune system first and then the digestive system. It causes sudden loss of fluid from the body. Viruses, bacteria or amoeba easily spread throughout the body through the blood. It weakens the immunity and leaves the body vulnerable, causing either sudden fever or sudden chills and tremors. Although it is among the diseases of the summer months, it is also seen at a high rate in winter. When it occurs in the person, it causes more than a hundred defecations within 24 hours and ensures that all vitamins and minerals in the body are excreted before they are absorbed.

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amoebic dysentery

It occurs when unicellular amoebae settle in the large intestine. This parasite multiplies and spreads to all intestines. It remains alive for a long time. Oral amoebae cause a watery and bloody stool. It can result in death if left untreated. Amoeba mixes with the blood and adversely affects the functions of the liver and lungs. In order not to catch this amoeba;

Boiling the consumed water, filtering it and drinking it

Fruits and vegetables should be kept in vinegar water and washed with warm water.

Thorough washing of hands and changing clothes after communal areas

Vegetables should be consumed fully cooked.

Basil Dysentery

It is a type of dysentery caused by bacteria. It causes severe abdominal pain. High fever, frequent toileting, and extreme fatigue are among the top three symptoms. Every place that these patients come into contact with should be disinfected. Bacteria can multiply rapidly. The use of antibiotics is very important in this disease. Hygiene is the first requirement. The rules in amoeba apply to this species.

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Sudden fever or chills

blood in stool and urine


yellowing in skin color

Severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting

It manifests itself with symptoms such as fatigue and weakness.


It is a disease that can be completely cured with medication. Early treatment is very important. Necessary hygienic conditions should be provided throughout the treatment. It is beneficial for sick people to live asocial for a certain period of time. Since excessive water is lost, it is ensured that the patient consumes excessive water and also consumes foods containing antioxidants. It is among the recommended nutritional conditions for foods high in fiber.

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