What is dragon fruit? What are the benefits of dragon fruit? It raises the energy of the body…

Dragon fruit, a tropical fruit belonging to the cactus family, meets 90 percent of the body’s energy needs during the day, thanks to the B vitamins it contains. Dragon fruit, which contains vitamin C, also strengthens the immune system. We searched for those who were wondering about dragon fruit, which is beneficial for those who want to diet. So what are the benefits of dragon fruit?

Dragn fruit and pitaya Dragon fruit, known as such, is a type of cultured fruit. This type of fruit, which is frequently consumed in countries such as China, Indonesia and Vietnam, has become popular in our country for the last 5 years. Dragon fruit, which is a tropical species, does not grow everywhere. However, its production started in Mersin. Dragon fruit, which attracts great attention although it is scarce, has been around since ancient times. It is often used in alternative medicine. The fleshy part of the dragon fruit, which has a sour and refreshing taste, is consumed. Consumption of this food, which is hard on the outside, is the same as pineapple. Native Americans, one of the communities of America, considered dragon fruit as a source of energy. It contains small black seeds like sesame seeds. Dragon fruit, which is consumed raw, is very low in calories. It can also be consumed by removing the juice of the meaty part. It is also used in making desserts and cocktails. It contains high vitamin C, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Dragon fruit, which is thought to be the homeland of countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and China, has a refreshing taste. It is recommended to be consumed cold.


Dragon fruit, which is consumed cold, easily meets 85 percent of the vitamin C needed by the body. Refreshes the immune system. It increases the body’s resistance against diseases.

It increases the fluid ratio of the body and makes the skin more moist.

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Dragon fruit, which contains high fiber, is recommended for those who want to diet. It gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. It also supports the body to stay energetic throughout the day.

It is a food that diabetic patients can easily consume. It contains very little sugar. Thanks to its acidic feature, it balances the pressure in the blood.

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It protects the heart health by preventing the clogging of the arteries.

Calcium is among the essential minerals for the bone and muscle system. One dragon fruit provides 70 percent of the required calcium.

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It prevents the formation of cataracts by balancing the fluid ratio in the eye.

It prevents brain diseases such as forgetfulness seen in advanced ages.

As it is a powerful antioxidant, it prevents the accumulation of food waste in the intestines and prevents constipation.

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