What is Dengue Fever? What are the symptoms of Dengue Human Man? How is Dengue Humman transmitted and killed?

Other virus outbreaks, which increased after the coronavirus epidemic, caused almost fear. Dengue fever, which killed 254 people in Indonesia, became a matter of curiosity. This virus, which shows symptoms in the course of the flu, then suddenly intensifies and causes death, is widely seen in the tropics. So what is Dengue Fever? What are the symptoms of Dengue Human Man? How is Dengue Humman transmitted and killed?

Dengue Fever, with severe flu-like symptoms, is a virus that occurs in the tropics. However, the virus was extremely rare until this year. Dengue fever, which increased people’s anxiety after the coronavirus epidemic, caused sudden deaths in Indonesia. Causes bone pain ‘Broken bone fever’ Also known as It is carried and transmitted by mosquitoes of the Aedes species. Urban dwellers are in danger as these mosquitoes generally prefer clean water sources. As soon as the virus enters the blood, it causes great damage to the capillaries. It causes low blood pressure as it lowers the level of platelets in the blood. There were four variants of the dengue virus. Dengue fever is one of them. These viruses are transmitted to humans through the bites of mosquitoes. Once a person exposed to the dengue virus recovers from the disease, they become immune to the virus. However, if it is not intervened early in people with weak immunity and chronic diseases, it leads to death. It can only be transmitted from person to person through blood. Experts have not found a complete cure for the disease. The only solution was to reduce the number of mosquitoes that cause this virus or to be protected. In the historical records, such a disease was recorded in 1779. However, the disease was first recorded in health records in the 1960s with increasing mortality rates.

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The effect begins to be seen 24 hours after the mosquito bites. This virus, which started to show itself with high fever, after 24 hours; It continues with problems such as excessive diarrhea, vomiting, and dizziness. If it is not intervened early; bone and muscle pain, swelling and aggravation of the eyelids, skin rash, tingling in the teeth, nose bleeding and death after circulatory failure. These symptoms do not manifest themselves in people with high resistance. However, as age progresses, it leads to weakening of bones and muscles and the emergence of related diseases easily. Studies have shown that the course of symptoms sometimes differs from person to person. Some patients experience symptoms with skin redness and itching, while others only experience joint and bone pain. Dengue virus and the virus that causes the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic disease caused by ticks come from the same family.

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The first five days of illness are very important. The virus must be cleared from the blood immediately. Since there is no specific treatment, symptomatic treatment is applied. There is no vaccine for Dengue Fever yet. Those who travel to the Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, India and Far East countries are at high risk of contracting this virus. Since it has a mild and severe course, the World Health Organization has divided the symptoms and treatment of this virus into two types. As long as the patient shows flu-like symptoms, the treatment is positive. However, as the virus progresses to the brain, the rate of shock of the patient increases.

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