What is Dementia? What are the symptoms of dementia? Is there a treatment for dementia?

We have done research for you on how dementia, or dementia, which is likely to be seen in advanced ages, occurs. There are several types of dementia that are often confused with Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia, which is the result of serious damage to the brain from a lack of vitamins and minerals, can also lead to other diseases. So what is dementia? What are the symptoms of dementia? Is there a treatment for dementia?

Dementia, which is seen as a result of different diseases and is a disease of advanced age, is frequently seen after 50. Dementia, which is popularly known as dementia, is a skill that affects memory, thinking and social activities. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are often confused. But Alzheimer’s is a subtype of dementia. At the same time, Alzheimer’s is the advanced form of dementia. The word dementia came from the Latin word mens, meaning mind. The disease does not appear suddenly. Symptoms are experienced gradually. Dementia can also occur due to a lack of vitamins and minerals throughout the body.

In addition, experts recently emphasized that dementia can also occur due to the death of cells in the brain caused by footballers’ headshots. For this reason, headshots are prohibited in some matches or practice. The Football Association of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland has issued a rule for those who have been trained in football at a young age, to make a head kick. This decision was taken after some of the football players who played professionally in Scotland in the past years had dementia at an advanced age. Scotland was the first country to ban the header. According to the data of the World Health Organization, the majority of people with dementia in the world are seen in middle-income countries. It is experienced when the cells in the hippocampus region of the brain, that is, in the area of ​​receiving and storing information, are damaged. Weakness in the signals of nerve cells in the brain paves the way for dementia.


One of the studies carried out by scientists is the diseases that are seen today but to what level in the future. One of them is dementia. Studies on dementia have proven to be a common disease to be seen in the future. It was underlined that the basis of this situation, which was put forward in the studies, was the use of different devices instead of the functionality of the brain. Experts said that 153 million people will have this disease in 2050. The basis of the disease, which will become an epidemic, will emerge when the functions of the brain begin to weaken due to the unused use of the developing technology.

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In the researches, proteins and fibrous structures consisting of tau protein increase in the area called beta amyloid plaque in the brain. At the same time, these proteins result in damage to healthy neurons and the fibers that connect them. alzheimer’sit is lived.

The most common dementia is it is vascular.In this type of dementia, symptoms such as problem solving and focusing are seen.

Proteins accumulating in the form of balloons in the brain Lewy Body dementia is called. The patient is constantly asleep. It confuses dreams and reality. At the same time, the patient experiences hallucinations.

Damage to nerve cells in the frontal lobes of the brain frontotemporal it is lived. However, the patient develops a personal disorder and lack of behavior.


  • He/she experiences problems in speaking and forgetting what he/she has spoken before.
  • Lack of communication in social settings
  • Trouble in speaking and thinking
  • Lack of visual memory
  • Disconnection in memories of the past
  • It shows signs such as forgetting people, faces and names in a short time.

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There is no test to diagnose the disease. There are other ways for this. This is drug therapy. With drug treatment, symptoms that may cause dementia are reduced. Cholinesterase inhibitors drug balance the proteins in the brain. It regulates sleep. Memantine, on the other hand, strengthens memory and eliminates vitamin deficiency in the brain. In addition, the patient should be under constant observation without being left alone. Otherwise, accidents and falls may occur. The environment he lives in is reorganized in an unforgettable way. It is ensured that he does not forget the activities that he should do daily by constantly dealing with something during the day.

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