What is cystitis? What are the symptoms of cystitis? How does the cystitis go?

Do you know what is cystitis, which is more common in women than men? We have searched for those who are curious about cystitis, which causes severe burning and odor, especially when urinating, which becomes chronic in the future. Cystitis, which is one of the bacterial diseases, brings serious health problems when neglected. So what is cystitis? What are the symptoms of cystitis? How does the cystitis go? Answers to all questions…

Inflammation of the urinary bladder due to coli bacteria is called cystitis. If this inflammation is not treated in a timely manner, it can cause serious illness. It causes painful urination, especially damaging the kidneys and bladder. Since it is caused by bacteria, it can be treated with antibiotics. This disease, which is frequently experienced in women, coli bacteria in the large intestine pass into the urinary bladder due to some factors. Even if there is no serious illness at first, it should be intervened in a timely manner. A person who has experienced this disease, which can become chronic, is likely to experience it again.

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Cosmetic products with high chemical content

Movement of bacteria in the large intestine within the body as a result of heavy drugs

Pollution in public areas

Improper toilet cleaning

Not making the right toilet

Factors such as having a high amount of sugar in the body trigger cystitis.

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Pain and burning are experienced after difficulty urinating.

– Since it also triggers the mental state, people who experience the disease experience an increase in depression, fatigue and sleepiness.

– Headache, nausea and loss of appetite may also be experienced.

You either urinate too often or not at all.

In addition to the cloudy urine color, the urine will be foul-smelling.

Severe pain, such as menstrual cramps, is experienced in the groin and under the navel.

Although it is not high in the urine, although rare, symptoms such as bleeding are the symptoms of cystitis.

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Since it is an inflammatory and infectious disease, antibiotic treatment is usually applied. The specialist first looks at the rate of spread of bacteria by making urine and blood tests. Bacteria at the initial levels do not harm the bladder and kidneys, but progressive cystitis can go up to the bankruptcy of the kidneys. Therefore, it is tried to get rid of the infection first. Experts recommend changing not only with medication but also with life habits during the treatment process.

Reminding that water consumption should be increased in particular, experts also emphasize that the juices of foods such as tomatoes, pomegranates and broccoli, which are powerful antioxidants, should be consumed.

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