What is cortisone? What diseases is cortisone used in the treatment of? Side effects of cortisone

Cortisone, a type of hormone found in our body, prevents inflammation in the body. Therefore, cortisone, which is also included in drugs, can sometimes be too much for the body. This leads to serious diseases. We have researched for you those who are curious about cortisone, a powerful component. So what is cortisone? Why is cortisone used? What diseases is cortisone used in the treatment of? What are the benefits and side effects of cortisone?

Cortisone hormone secreted in the shell of the adrenal glands prevents inflammation of the body. In some people, when this hormone is low, inflammation increases. In excess, it can cause serious illness. It was first discovered in 1937 by E. Kendal and Wintersteiner. In 1938, it was synthesized by Reichstein. Developed to prevent rheumatic joint diseases, cortisone spreads throughout the body through the blood. He fulfills his duty by moving to the places he needs to reach. The developed cortisone has been used in the treatment of some acute and chronic diseases thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. Cortisone, which is used in general, quickly heals the deformity in the area where it is used. However, if it is not done under expert control, it paves the way for serious damage. In addition, experts advise to pay attention to their nutrition in the areas of cortisone. Because some foods also contain cortisone. This causes a sudden increase. The most important task of cortisone in the body, which is in the class of corticosteroids, balances fat and carbohydrate metabolism. The body secretes it at different times during the day. How it is secreted is shaped by blood pressure and body temperature. It begins in the human body 3 weeks after birth. Since it has an anti-allergic effect, it reduces harmful cells that suppress immunity.


body produced by itself cortisone natural is the one. It balances blood pressure in the human body. It adds the right proportion of fat and sugar into the blood. It increases the body’s resistance to diseases. It strengthens the immune system against infections. When it is not found in sufficient amount, it leads to fatigue, weakness and weak immunity.

cortisone injection Another type of cortisone. Cortisone injected into the body with a needle; It is used in the treatment of diseases such as gout and joint inflammation. It causes redness and swelling in the applied area for a few days.

Oral cortisone is taken to reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis diseases on the body. This too is a cortisone pill. Most experts prefer these treatment methods. These pills should not be taken or left without consulting a specialist. Because they can upset the balance of the body.

Used for skin diseases and insect bites cortisone creams provides rapid recovery. The cream contains some tropical ingredients. When used excessively, it causes regional hormonal disorder on the skin.

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If the results of the examinations of the specialist doctors are deemed appropriate, the cortisone drugs they give as additional supplements; It is given in diseases such as allergic, nervous system, tumor, eye, rheumatic, vascular, heart, skin, kidney and urinary tract. However, when this hormone is taken in excess, it causes some diseases and hormonal disorders. The cortisone that the body needs can suddenly become harmful. Therefore, expert control and blood test are essential.

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It is useful to stay away from anything that contains caffeine and nicotine.

It is necessary to keep plenty of protein in the diet. Because cortisone can cause muscle and bone loss.

Foods high in saturated fat should not be consumed.

Foods low in carbohydrates should be preferred.

Regular exercise accelerates metabolism.

Foods that increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood should not be consumed.

A salt-free diet should be avoided against sudden rise in blood pressure.

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– Increases blood sugar when consumed excessively. This leads to an increase in bad cholesterol. Thus, the metabolism is disturbed.

Potassium deficiency may occur with the use of cortisone. This causes hypertension and heart failure.

It has been observed that some patients experience disorders in stomach and intestinal functionality. Therefore, both a full stomach and plenty of water should be consumed.

Since it quickly clears all free radicals in the body, it is also cleared in some cells. This increases the acid rate in the body. It also causes muscle and bone diseases.

When cortisone creams used during skin diseases are used excessively, it leads to use and skin deformation.

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The first point to consider is salt intake. Because salt, together with cortisone, causes the adrenal glands to work unbalanced. Therefore, the diet should be free from salt.

Yogurt, milk, legumes and dark green vegetables, which are rich in calcium, should be consumed.

Vitamin C and D deficiency should be prevented by consuming plenty of citrus fruits.

Since the sugar rate increases in the body, it causes unbalanced weight. Therefore, ready-made foods should be avoided. Dried fruits should be preferred during dessert requests.

White flour, potatoes and rice should be removed from the diet.

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