What is Corona virus and how is it transmitted? What are the symptoms of Corona virus? Is there a treatment?

A plane took off in China recently. Fearing that the deadly Sars virus has become widespread, the authorities later made a statement and announced that a similar but different virus to the Sars virus caused the disease. The states of the world, who were alarmed, determined that the virus was a corona virus. So what is Corona virus and how is it transmitted? What are the symptoms of Corona virus? Is there a treatment?

Suspicion of the Sars virus, which emerged in 2003 and caused the sudden death of many, affected international flights. The experts who quarantined the planes determined that the virus that caused the deaths was not Sars, but a more dangerous virus. The virus, which started in China and spread to the USA, progresses with the symptoms of pneumonia, just like Sars. The virus that has emerged since December has mobilized all the states of the world. The virus that causes death bankrupts the lung. World Health Organization Detailed studies have begun on the virus that activates it. Studies about the virus years ago have been brought to light again. The virus, first detected in the 1960s, descends from the nasal cavities to the lungs. It causes severe deformation in all cells here. However, those who do not show severe symptoms at first mild nasal congestion and coughing symptoms The person does not realize that he or she is sick. This leads to the process that allows the virus to progress rapidly in the body. While preparing the ground for respiratory tract infection such as Sars virus, the lung functions are gradually lost. Although it is not yet known how these viruses passed from animals to humans, it was seen that they caused death in humans. Although it has just become widespread, there is no definitive treatment for the virus that causes deaths.

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It is transmitted from person to person through air and contact. It spreads rapidly, especially in public areas. However, it is not clear how it is transmitted from animal to human. Since the virus can live up to an hour after contact with the air, it is necessary to stay away from the environments where it occurs. Therefore, a serious disinfection was carried out in the quarantine zone at the Chinese airport. However, experts made statements that it would be more beneficial to cancel flights unless necessary. It continues by settling in the sinus tracts in the human body. Although it overlaps with the Sars virus, it does not cause fever in the first days. Fever occurs as soon as the body recognizes the virus.

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It starts out like the normal flu. However, after 3 days, severe cough continues with chest pain. Since it completes the incubation period, it quickly reduces the body’s resistance. Day by day, symptoms such as fever, sweating, dry mouth, phlegm cough, congestion in the sinus tract, and difficulty in breathing are experienced. Symptoms increase in severity day by day. Although the immune system produces antibodies, this completely negatively affects the functions of the body. Pain is seen in bones exposed to excessive fire. some experts He emphasizes that it is not as serious a virus as Sars, but if it is not detected immediately, it will lead to death.

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The effects of the virus vary according to the patient’s immune system. Experts say that in some people, it is mild without experiencing severe symptoms. He states that drug therapy is provided in this. However, especially those with weak immunity Vitamin C and D deficiency It progresses severely in people with For this, fluid support is provided at the beginning of the treatment. Because the virus quickly leads to fluid loss in the body. The fire is lowered. At the same time, high doses of painkillers are given for pain. Experts say rest is very important. It is also stated that it is healthier to stay away from areas where the virus is common.

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