What is cork? How is verjuice made? What are the benefits of Koruk juice?

Chorus, one of the most preferred foods in the Aegean region for centuries, is collected in the summer and sometimes pickled. Sometimes it is preserved by removing the water. It is used in this way even in winter. Although it is collected in summer, it is consumed more in winter as it is a natural antioxidant. What is cork? How is verjuice made? What are the benefits of Koruk juice?

The immature form of the grape is called verruk. This is why the taste of the berry fruit is sour. Cork, which has a similar taste to plum, is consumed by removing its juice. Chorus, which has been consumed in Mediterranean countries for centuries, especially regulates metabolism. It has an industrial share in both Turkey and European countries. Corn is especially grown by farmers. not only the juice, but also the marinade is established. In fact, the local people season the verjuice fruit and consume it in salads. The powerful minerals it contains ensure the rapid regeneration of cells. Therefore, it is consumed for medicinal purposes. It balances blood pressure. It also maintains the sugar level in the blood. Corn juice, which is consumed as an alternative drink by the local people, is also made at home. Kork, which is a cultural flavor in Anatolia, is an indispensable part of Aegean cuisine. It is especially consumed in winter.

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Unripe grapes are collected. Half a kilo of groves is placed in a large pot by removing the branches. Add water until it covers the groves. Add a glass of sugar and a glass of squeezed lemon juice into it. It is expected to boil over low heat. After boiling for about an hour, it is removed from the stove. a sill spread over a deep door. On the cheesecloth, verjuice juice is added. The water passes through the container under the cheesecloth without sediment. Then the cheesecloth is tied and the tightening process continues. Then add verjuice water to the pot and add pelargonium. After boiling for a little more, it is cooled and served.


  • Chorus, which is usually preferred before meals, helps to facilitate digestion and prevents health problems such as indigestion. In addition, it also prevents problems such as constipation by supporting the easier enzymization of foods in the intestines.
  • Among the people, verjuice is thought to be beneficial for eye diseases. It also prevents the formation of diseases such as cataracts, which are likely to be seen in advanced ages, especially by increasing the rate of fluid in the eye.
  • When cold is presented, it takes the heat of the body. By lowering its temperature, it prevents sudden fever or brain hemorrhage. In addition, since it balances blood pressure, it prevents unconscious blood circulation in the body. This is beneficial for heart health.
  • It prevents the formation of edema by removing toxins from the body. This is also an ideal way to lose weight. In addition, removing excess edema and toxins in the body positively affects liver function. Thus, it will be more beautiful on the skin.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it also strengthens the immune system. In this way, it easily removes viruses and bacteria from the body.
  • Koruk water is also a natural stone and sand pourer. By increasing the functionality of the kidneys, it ensures both formation and painless removal of the formed sand and stone.

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