What is congestive heart failure? What are the symptoms of congestive heart failure?

Did you know that the inability of the heart to pump enough blood can cause disease? The disease that causes the heart to not distribute blood effectively is congestive heart failure. So what is congestive heart failure? What are the symptoms of congestive heart failure? We have searched for those who are curious about congestive heart disease that causes various diseases for you. You can find everything about the disease in the details of the news.

Heartbeat, which is a sign of life from the mother’s womb, means that the body develops healthily. Other organs, vessels, around the heart increase their functionality. The heart provides blood flow throughout the body. Even brain development is affected by this current. As the physical activity of the body increases, the heart rate also increases. That’s why the strongest muscles in the body are found in the heart. However, the weakening of the heart muscles for various reasons causes the heart to be unable to receive and pump blood. What is congestive heart failure? The disease is likely to occur in almost everyone. Coronary heart disease is the main cause of congestive heart failure. This disease is caused by unhealthy diet, high blood pressure, diabetes, physical inactivity, smoking, high blood pressure and unbalanced weight gain. In heart failure, which is a common disease in advanced ages, swelling in the hands and feet is seen when the heart cannot pump enough blood.

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The increased pressure in the blood causes the heart to beat faster, which causes the muscles to tire quickly. This condition often occurs in conditions such as high blood pressure.

Any deformity in the heart valves causes the heart to pump blood back.

Due to the defective heart that occurs during birth, the probability of experiencing heart failure increases.

Structural changes such as thickening, growth and hardening of the muscles throughout the body are also caused.

Inflammation of the heart muscle, which is experienced due to infection of the body, is another reason that prepares the ground.

At the same time, the presence of anemia, infection, kidney failure and lung diseases invites heart failure.

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Imbalance in heartbeat

Weight gain despite decreased appetite

– Numbness in chest and left arm

body’s rapid accumulation of fat

Constant dryness in the throat, coughing, related pain

Increased constipation due to insufficient functioning of the digestive system

Increased post-meal indigestion and bloating in the abdomen

Edema accumulation in hands and feet

Decreased body movements

Conditions such as increased fatigue after physical movements are symptoms of heart failure.

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First of all, the conditions that cause the disease are determined. With the treatment of underlying diseases, berbaer heart muscle-strengthening drug therapy is applied. In advanced people, the beats are controlled by placing a pacemaker. If the disease is caused by the heart valves, surgical intervention is performed to change the valves. In addition, the vessels of the heart are checked. Since sodium accelerates blood flow, sodium and water amounts are tried to be balanced. His latest intervention is a heart transplant.

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The most common causes of death are from heart diseases. Cardiology Specialist Dr. Sinan Coşkun Turan listed the basic substances that protect heart health;

Night sleep has a very positive effect on heart health.

In cases such as mental problems, extreme stress, relaxation activities should be done and support should be obtained if necessary.

Consumption of greens and red meat should be ensured by avoiding bad habits.

Instead of burning body fat with diet, regular walking and healthy eating should be done.

Consuming foods by paying attention to how they affect digestion, not according to the amount of calories, has a positive effect on heart health.

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