What is colloidal silver water? What are the benefits of silver water? How to use silver water?

Silver water, which renews the cell structure and has a miraculous effect especially against cancer, has been used as a natural treatment since the 1920s. We have searched for you who are curious about silver water, which is frequently used by alternative medicine specialists. It is prepared by electrically transferring nanoparticles in silver to water. So what are the benefits of silver water? How to use silver water?

The place where the silver particles are located is called colloidal silver. Special water is used in alternative medicine and is beneficial for many diseases. This water, which has antibiotic properties, is used in infectious diseases. It is thought that silver water, which has been observed to have many benefits in some studies, may help treat diseases such as Lyme disease, tuberculosis and even AIDS. Colloidal silver is very effective on wounds. There is incomplete research on silver water. For example, it is not yet known exactly how this substance should be used. It has been observed that the substances in silver water disrupt the DNA structure of harmful cancerous or tumor cells that try to settle on the membranes of the body.

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It reduces itching and irritation in the applied area. For example, it treats normal or sun-induced burns. It supports the formation of new skin cells by destroying the cells here.

It is used to prevent and control the spread of sinus infections in a study. Usually, special nasal sprays are made from this water.

Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it cleans the advanced microbes on the face. For example, it is effective in the treatment of severe and painful acne.

In ancient times, this water was used to clean wounds and heal quickly.

It prevents the development of serious health problems that occur in the joints and supports the healthy functioning of the bone and muscle systems.

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The homogeneous dispersion of silver particles in pure water is called silver water and it takes effect in 6 minutes. It can be used orally. Silver is dissolved in water by pushing each other. A clean and homogeneous water emerges. This water, which has an electrical charge, spreads to the body in a short time, making the body more vigorous. When this silver water, which has no side effects, is removed from the body by discount, it also solves all digestive ailments.

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