What is coffee good for? Filter coffee reduces the risk of diabetes!

kahve neye iyi gelir filtre kahve d

According to research conducted in Sweden, drinking filter coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 60%. The paper used in filter coffee reduces the risk of diabetes by catching molecules that increase sugar. In the study, this effect was not found in other coffee types such as Turkish coffee.

The research was applied to 842 people

In the study, which included 842 people, half of whom had diabetes, the diets of the participants were compared. Accordingly, while the risk of diabetes was low in those who consumed filter coffee, this effect was not found in those who consumed other types of coffee. The scientists said that molecules called diterpenes are held by the paper.

According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, the author of the study, Professor Rikard Landberg, said: “Our results show that filter coffee has a positive effect on the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.”

Coffees made in boiling water do not have this effect

In addition, Professor Rikard Landberg explained that coffee made by placing it in boiling water and soluble in water does not have such an effect.

Coffee made by adding boiling water to coffee granules is the most widely used method in England. Boiled coffee results when coffee beans are added directly to water. Turkish coffee is also included in this method.

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