What is coffee good for? 4 cups of coffee a day stops getting fat!

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Coffee is a beverage that is a part of our culture that many of us love to consume. It is possible to prevent obesity with the coffee you love. Consumption of 4 cups of coffee a day prevents lubrication. According to the news of the British Daily Mail newspaper, researchers at the University of Illinois in the USA have revealed that caffeine stops the body’s excessive production of fat in the blood and ensures that fat cells are stored less than normal. Here are the striking results of the research!

Coffee and mate tea reduce fat

The researchers gave rats mate tea, which is a common herbal beverage in Latin America, containing phytochemicals, flavonoids, and amino acids. Mate tea has been noted to contain about 65 to 130 milligrams of caffeine per serving, compared to a cup of brewed coffee containing between 30 and 300 milligrams (95 milligrams on average) of caffeine. The animals were also given synthetic caffeine and caffeine from coffee to compare their effects.

Prevents the accumulation of oils

The researchers found that the caffeine in mate tea had a similar effect to the caffeine in coffee, and that caffeine reduced the accumulation of lipids (fat molecules) by 20 to 41 percent, regardless of the source.

Coffee drinkers are less overweight than non-drinkers

At the end of the study, it was revealed that the rats who consumed caffeine gained 16 percent less weight and stored 22 percent less body fat than those who did not. In the study, which reported that the “fasn” gene was approximately 31 to 39 percent less active in mice given caffeine, which means less sugar is converted into fat, the “Lpl” gene in these mice was also approximately 51 to 69 percent less active, which reduced the amount of fat formed. was found to be reduced.

Mate tea and caffeine anti-obesity

Study leader Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia said, “Given the findings, mate tea and caffeine can be considered anti-obesity agents.”

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