What is chalk grass and what are its benefits? Ways of consuming chalbagrass…

Chalk grass, which blooms in July and August, has been used for centuries in Anatolian lands for health purposes. Called by many names, chalbagrass is a powerful expectorant. The grass collected in these months is dried and consumed against diseases throughout the winter. It also benefits the inflamed urine that women experience very often. So what is Çalba grass and what are its benefits? In the details of the news:

Growing in the Marmara, Mediterranean and Aegean regions, chalbagrass sprouts in the months when the sun is intense. It blooms from mature grass plants. It is likened to a candle by the local people because it is long and straight, but spilled to the sides. Other names of chalba grass, which is called king wax, are shawarma grass, oxtail grass. This herb, which is not known much outside of the local people, has actually been consumed in alternative medicine for centuries. The herb, which has 200 different varieties, is consumed mostly in winter, although it grows in summer. It has a strong anti-inflammatory property. Therefore, it is effective against infectious viruses in the winter months. In humid environments, the vitamin and mineral values ​​of chalbagrass are destroyed. Therefore, it is preserved by drying in sunlight. Chalk also helps some ailments in the skin and hair. Since it can cause harm in case of excessive consumption, experts warn that it should be taken care of.

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– It is recommended to remove sputum created by viruses that cause upper respiratory tract diseases in the respiratory tract. Having a strong antibacterial effect, chalk grass also helps in reducing other effects of the disease.

– Causes stomach cold, vomiting and nausea due to cold. This process reduces a person’s quality of life. Chalk grass is one of the effective natural remedies to reduce this condition in the digestive system.

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– Severe fever and sore throat are also seen in this process. In particular, fever causes muscle and bone pain in the body. Pain prolongs the course of the disease. However, turmeric strengthens immunity and reduces these problems.

– Boiled chal is used as a poultice to quickly heal cut wounds. Creamed chalk grass ensures that the wounds are wiped from the surface without leaving any traces.

– Hoarseness is one of the rare diseases experienced due to viruses that settle in the vocal cords. However, early intervention is required, otherwise it causes damage to the wires. Therefore, in the first stage of hoarseness, there is also a natural tea that will relax the throat or strings.

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