What is carpal tunnel syndrome? What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is seen in 90 percent of desk workers, is a serious joint and muscle disease. The constant pain of the wrists, especially when using the computer keyboard, is experienced in the fingers. It is more common in women than men. We have searched for you who are curious about this disease, which is seen as a result of dysfunctions in the nervous system. So what is carpal tunnel syndrome?

The compression of the median nerve, which is a nerve network, in the channels passing through the wrist is called carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal canal is located in the wrist. Nerves passing through this channel surrounding the wrist like a thick band enable hand and finger movements to occur. General deformations in the median nerve and carpal canal cause hand diseases. This discomfort, which occurs especially in people who use their hands and wrists constantly, negatively affects their quality of life. It is a syndrome that can be experienced by housewives, typing and computer use, playing musical instruments and heavy hand tools, as well as diabetes, thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis and overweight people. The incidence increases after the age of 40. It is seen in women compared to men.

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It is seen in desk editors, call center workers, carpenters, and people who are interested in sports such as tennis, volleyball and basketball, who often have to use their hands. The reason is that these people load all the movements of the body on the wrists. Movement load can cause damage to the nervous and musculature of the wrists. Because the pressure applied to the wrists injures this area. Some women can see it with weakening of the bone and muscle system during pregnancy. It is also more likely to occur in people with genetically weak bone and muscle systems. Calcium deficiency is also among the main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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It starts with tingling in the palm. Conditions such as loss of control in finger and hand movements, aches and pains are the most common symptoms. The spread of pain to the shoulder is an indication that the syndrome has reached a serious level. Pain that makes you unable to work increases. In this case, the hand-shaking reflex becomes especially difficult. Some patients wake up with the pain of this syndrome. Some people experience sensations such as numbness in the hands and fingers. Pains up to the neck are confused with neck hernia. As the treatment is delayed, the nerves get irreversible damage. This complicates the treatment. Worst of all, serious injuries occur.

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It is beneficial for patients to consult a specialist as soon as they notice the symptoms. It is recommended that the person does not keep his wrist down all the time in situations experienced due to profession. Long-term pressure on the wrist should be avoided. Specialists give nerve-relieving drugs, creams and orthopedic bracelets to people who suffer from these complaints. In addition, some physical exercises are suggested to relax the nerves in a natural way.

one.Make your hands straight at chest level, hold for 5 minutes.

2.Then relax your hands forward

3.After a while, make fists and squeeze your hands.

4.Drop your fisted hands down

5.Loosen again completely

6. Throw your arms to your sides and hold for a while. Try to do this practice as your hands contract.

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