What is cancer? What are the symptoms of cancer? How many types of cancer are there? How is cancer prevented?

Do you know what cancer is, which is increasing day by day? Cancer, which arises with unhealthy diet, environmental conditions as well as genetic factors, is seen in various parts of the body. We searched for those who were curious about cancer, which completely disrupts the cellular structure of the body and causes fatal results. So what are the symptoms of Cancer? How many types of cancer are there? How is cancer prevented?

The uncontrolled proliferation and growth of DNA, which is the basic cell structure of the body, is called cancer. This is a situation that almost everyone experiences on a daily basis. About 10,000 DNA mutates in the body for various reasons. However, the immune system scans the body every hour, either destroying or renewing the mutated cells it detects. Thus, cancer occurs and ends. Cells that survive this scan and continue to grow rapidly become tumors. If the tumor is not detected on time, it causes damage in the area where it occurs. For this reason, experts emphasize that immunity, which is the body’s basic life style, should be constantly strengthened and supported. Because otherwise, it causes health problems that cannot be prevented. The immune system scans bacteria, viruses and other cells that enter the body in every matter. However, it produces antibodies and destroys them. The blood circulation carries these cells cleared by the immune system to the necessary parts of the body. Therefore, if the immune system reaches the blood without clearing the cells, these cells may travel to different parts of the body with the blood circulation and disrupt the structure of the cells there. The human body, created with a flawless functioning, performs these processes. However, the biggest factor in its deterioration is the unhealthy diet of the person or the side effects of the drugs used. However, it is not true to say that cancer is definitely caused by this, even if such conditions are caused by researches.

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Excessive consumption of substances containing caffeine and nicotine include; There are coffee, coke and cigarettes.

Various x-ray and radiation exposures due to other diseases

Hormonal disorder experienced when lymph and thyroid glands do not work properly

High exposure to various drugs and chemicals

Genetic predisposition in family history

Unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle and air pollution

The negative effect of sun rays on the skin

Mental illnesses eg: depression and stress

HP (found in mouth and larynx), Hepatitis B and C viruses

Conditions such as involuntary bumps cause cancer. However, in addition to this, the chemicals mentioned invite cancer according to their types. Aluminum or substances used in the shoe industry; It causes cancers of the lung, liver, esophagus, urinary bladder and digestive tract. In addition to this, coal; predisposes to the formation of kidney and lung cancers. Works such as woodcutting cause laryngeal or sinus cancers.

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breast cancer; more common in women.

Lung cancer; occurs in smokers.

lymphoma; It can be seen in various parts of the body.

Intestine and Colon; occurs in the digestive system.

cervical cancer; found in women. These are the most common types of cancer.

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The most common symptom of almost all cancers is weight loss.

Fatigue and body aches

Abnormal change in moles and warts on the skin surface

growth in some organs

Changes in going to the toilet, that is, going out frequently or not going out at all.

Difficulty swallowing while eating Sudden hoarseness or change in voice

Enlargement or reduction in breasts, especially in women

High fever despite the absence of any disease

Symptoms such as a feeling of tension are common cancer diseases.


The most natural way to prevent cancer is to increase the consumption of antioxidant-containing foods that will strengthen the immune system. It is necessary to pay attention to the treatment of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Otherwise, these diseases cause cancer as they negatively affect both the blood circulation and the immune system. Therefore, homemade pickles or yogurt, which are rich in probiotics, can be consumed. Vitamins C and D should be met during the day. Beta carotene and vitamin A supplements should be taken regularly for eye health and cell renewal. It is also beneficial to take the necessary folic acid and vitamin E as additional supplements.

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