What is Bulimia Neurosa disease, which is the social media phenomenon Duygu Özaslan?

The images of the famous phenomenon Duygu Özaslan on the beach became an event on social media. But the truth emerged after a while. Özaslan admitted that he had an overeating disease, namely bulimia nervosa. Upon this explanation, everyone researched what bulimia nervosa was. So what is Bulimia Neurosa disease, which is the social media phenomenon Duygu Özaslan?

According to researches; Bulimia nervosa (vomiting disease) is seen in family members of high socio-economic level. Bulimia nervosa; It occurs after fear of obesity and psychological disorders. It manifests itself with symptoms such as feeling guilty about eating, eating with disgust, wanting to vomit constantly, or overeating at one meal. It is usually seen in young girls, models, stewardesses, actors and artists, as well as vegetarian athletes and people with chronic diseases. Duygu Özaslan, who was lynched on social media after her images emerged in the past days, made a statement by shooting a video. Özaslan stated that he was sick. She stated that she suffers from bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder. After these explanations of the famous phenomenon, bulimia nervosa disease became a matter of curiosity. In general, it is said that the desire to eat excessively, which is a type of bulimia nervosa, which is an eating disorder, develops against the will of the person. Patients who eat almost twice the amount of food that a normal person can eat experience serious deformations in their bodies. In addition, the digestive system is disturbed. Loss of control over eating can also be the opposite. Others experience the same health problems by not eating. Overeating develops as a result of psychological disorders. After people with extreme depression and depression do not think healthy, they consume unbalanced high-calorie foods.

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The disease occurs when the person experiences a mental state or thinks that he has gained excessive weight. Taking drugs for vomiting causes disruption of the bulimia hormone. Disorder of this hormone lowers the level of sugar in the blood. For this reason, while trying to lose weight, patients actually want to eat more due to low blood values. The patient, whose body deformity increases, also rapidly experiences regional lubrication. With this unbalanced body disorder that he has not survived the psychological process, the depressive process increases. It causes more weight gain. Of course, this process leads to constant vomiting in some, on the contrary. It is more common in women than men. It occurs before puberty or after adulthood age 40. However, in rare cases, women aged 25 and 30 can also experience it. Duygu Özaslan admitted that she was one of them. The young phenoman stated that he had this disease due to his mental problems. The visible symptom of the disease is the disorder in the body structure. Apart from that, it leads to a serious deterioration of the sugar level in the blood.

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– Sudden cessation of extreme diets and sports due to the desire to be liked

– Disconnecting from social environment, not being the center of attention, sleep problem

– Feeling constantly under pressure in society

– Traumas experienced in childhood

– Excessive anxiety and fear of abandonment invite disease.


– Menstrual irregularity due to hormonal disorder

– Excessive hair growth

– Constant weakness and fatigue

– Serious deformities in the esophagus due to the urge to vomit

– Don’t lose control of your emotions

– Imbalance in defecation or urination

– Desire to consume different foods

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Bulimia nervosa, which is known as a weight loss disease, not only causes excessive weight loss, but also can cause a decrease in brain mass and damage to the brain. In a bulimia patient, deformations occur in the esophagus and stomach due to the increase in the rate of stomach acid. The acid that comes into the mouth due to constant vomiting negatively affects oral and dental health. While the gums are infected, it also causes a bad odor in the mouth. Bulimia causes health problems such as menstrual irregularity in young girls.

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