What is bronchitis? What are the symptoms of bronchitis? Natural cure that opens the bronchi

One of the causes of difficulty in breathing is inflammation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs. We have compiled for you those who are curious about bronchitis, which is seen regardless of the season and wakes up with coughs at night. It can be seen with severe flu and severe lung inflammation. What is bronchitis? What are the symptoms of bronchitis? Is there a cure for bronchitis?

Inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which clean the air we breathe and carry it to the lungs, due to viruses and bacteria is called bronchitis. Bronchitis is seen in two forms. One is acute and the other is chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis lasts for a maximum of one month and goes away with drug therapy. However, chronic bronchitis is a very serious disease. This disease, which reduces the oxygen level in the blood, causes serious health problems if not treated early. The bacteria that cause this disease are not contagious.

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To relieve the dry cough caused by bronchitis, boil 1 glass of milk and a pinch of marshmallow for 5 minutes. Two glasses should be drunk in the morning before breakfast.

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  • Difficulty in breathing and exhaling
  • Fatigue, loss of appetite and accompanying high fever
  • Irritation of the throat due to frequent and dry coughing
  • Chest pain and severe contractions
  • Joint pain and muscle contractions
  • It manifests itself with symptoms such as cold feet despite high fever.


The specialist doctor first takes an x-ray of the lung and then performs a sputum test. Thus, the treatment develops according to the type of bronchitis disease. In acute bronchitis, drug therapy is usually applied. Medication is also used in chronic bronchitis. However, the doses of the drugs and the treatment process are more painful. As in all chronic diseases, the patient has to use drugs for life in this disease.

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