What is broken heart syndrome? What are the symptoms of my broken heart syndrome?

Do you know what the increasing broken heart syndrome in metropolitan cities is? So what is broken heart syndrome? What are the symptoms of broken heart syndrome? Are there ways to deal with broken heart syndrome? We have searched for you about the broken heart syndrome, which is more common in women than men and reduces the quality of life of the person.

Broken heart syndrome originated in Japan in the 1990s. Since this disease could not be fully diagnosed before, the patients were examined for a heart attack. Later, doctors diagnosed it as a different type of heart disease, not actually a heart attack. Broken Heart Syndrome occurs as a result of a state of extreme emotional and severe depression. . The World Health Organization has prepared a surprising report on heart diseases that are increasing today. Stating that 40 percent of deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases, the report also stated that this risk is more common in young people today. The heart is the main line of the body. In the face of any serious damage it receives, the whole body is in danger. Broken heart syndrome is one of the diseases that negatively affect the heart. Broken heart syndrome, which shows symptoms that mimic a heart attack, becomes difficult to treat when combined with fear.

  • Broken heart syndrome, which is more common in women than men, is a rare disease that people experience without realizing it.


  • People with broken heart syndrome sometimes think they are having a heart attack because some of the symptoms of broken heart syndrome and a heart attack are the same.


  • This disease, which emerged with psychology, then becomes more frightening with the collapse of nerve cells and the immunity of the person during depression.

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It is temporary because it is an emotional disturbance. It changes the structure of the left heart valve, but does not affect the vessels leading to the heart. Dizziness, cold sweats, difficulty in breathing and chest pain are the most prominent features. Studies show that some women who go through menopause have a higher risk of developing broken heart syndrome.

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Feeling pain under the left arm

Constant squeezing of the heart

chest pain due to shortness of breath

fatigue and stress

Fear of dying at any moment

Imbalance in body movements


It is an indication of uneven blood flow that items such as underwear and socks leave marks on the body.

Symptoms such as headache and lack of concentration following the lack of comfortable oxygen exchange are conditions that indicate broken heart syndrome.

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One of the most important ways to overcome this syndrome is family and friends.

Meals should be made without skipping meals. Fruit and vegetable consumption should be emphasized.

Walking should be done at a certain time every day.

Heart rhythm should be measured under cardiologist control.

Psychological support is essential.

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